Dead Space 2 isn't just a shooter, it's an experience (Preview - The Kartel)

God bless Moore’s Law: the constant push for the latest technology have made the advances in our favorite past time so damn tasty. It’s not like EA and Visceral Games are unaware of this principle either; in two short years, they have tweaked the tech under the hood to make Dead Space 2 one of the most cutting-edge games on the market today. It's the immersion and quick shocks of scared emotion that make this game the new formula for survival horror gaming.

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IrieMars2700d ago

I can't wait. I picked up my copy on Tuesday, and I'm just finishing up the first game on impossible(last chapter). Let me tell you, this is probably going to be the last game I try to play through on the highest difficulty. To much stress.

moogle842700d ago

Games... are we there yet comparing it to movies?