Microsoft Xbox 720 positioned for proactive attack of an anticipated PS4 launch

While Sony could be contemplating the possibility of pushing up the console release of PS4 there has also been a great deal of rumours with regards to the Xbox 720 (working name) release date.


This story is a 'rumor' only.

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drewboy7042850d ago

It'll probably come out a year earlier but that just gives Sony a year to decide how it can improve over the 720.

DualConsoleOwner2850d ago (Edited 2850d ago )

the article was deleted because it made no sense and it goes against everything publisher, developers and analysts have been saying.

THQ even said new console anytime soon would be "horrible"

and the game have to be 100 dollars to cover the dev cost for next gen.

gameguidedog2849d ago (Edited 2849d ago )

THQ included is claiming cost for production will be much higher, however that does not mean all 3 entities are not moving forward with their plans. One should not be so niave.

Also it was deleted because it was the wrong post category. This is definately an article, not a rumor.

Biggest2848d ago

"This is definately an article, not a rumor."

So why does it say "While Sony could be. . ." and "there has also been a great deal of rumours" in the first few sentences of the "article"? Oh! I see it now. It isn't a rumor. It's a rumour!

Pixelated_Army2848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

“We want to support the Microsoft Xbox 360 as far as we can"

If you want the 720 to come out sooner rather than later simply stop buying the 360. And when they do Sony will announce the PS4. everybody wins!

BattleAxe2848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

I agree that MS would try to bring out the Xbox 720 soon in order to beat Sony to the punch. If you look at the 360 right now compared to the PS3, it has lost its momentum, and even John Ritechello over at EA thinks that the PS3 will overtake the 360 by the end of 2011. I realise that Kinect has sold well, but I don't think its enough to boost the 360 for much longer.

The funny thing is that even if MS brings out the xbox 720 within the next 2 years, I don't think Sony will follow up right away with the PS4. The PS3 is gaining momentum and has the best software lineup in the industry, and I don't think that will end anytime soon. PS3 developers are going to continue to push the limits of the PS3 and I think Sony is going to concentrate more on the NGP. And while Nintendo and MS come out with new home consoles, Sony will drop the price of the PS3 to $199.00 and will effectively become the new Wii in terms of Sales. I'm willing to bet that Sony will skip a generation this time around mainly because the PS3 has such great hardware already, and currently no other console has the same capibilities, especially when you look at how devs like Guerilla Games, Sony Santimonica and Naughty dog continually push the boundries of the PS3 with every new game they make.

hiredhelp2848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

i hate these silly articles.just there to get us all rattled up stupid. im quite happy with ps3 right now and the launch of many exclusives sony's doing its best against the hackers. but for many millions who arnt into hacking there ps3 are just intrested in the games. who cares and wants a ps4 the ps3 has just started on a roller coaster of games.

morganfell2848d ago Show
WhiteNoise2848d ago


Why the hell would games cost $100?

PC games graphics improve every year but the game costs do not increase, every year gaming gets more popular which = more sales. That is how they make up growing development costs. Games STILL only cost 20-30million to make.

No doubt console owners would still pay whatever they demand though because the sheep says: "baaahh'

Liefx2848d ago

Each company has also stated that a next gen console is nowhere in sight for any of them.

kancerkid2848d ago

Please don't release the next set of consoles yet, the developers are just getting a hold of the consoles as it is and taking full advantage of their capabilities...

Inside_out2848d ago

I think Holiday 2012 will be the start of a new generation of gaming. When Epic said that the next gears game would be on the new machines and then had to change that when M$ gave them a boatload of money to make Gears was over. Where there's smoke there's fire...lots of smoke right now.

Keep in mind that the 360 S can continue to thrive as an entry level system for the casuals and Kinect while the ultra powerful new machines can cater to the " hardcore " performance minded gamers. If M$ wants to stay ahead of the competition, they better get this new machine out and fast.

I'm not sure Sony really wants to put out a new machine. They lost a fortune on PS3 and only with the release of the slim did they start to make some money. They did file a patent recently to cover the addition of adding some performance to the PS3 externally...maybe a smokescreen. If the new machines will have blu-ray...a distinct possibility, then Sony owning the rights to that tech already knows about the new machines.

Nintendo will want to get a new machine out as soon as possible as well so they are on board. THQ crying about the cost of gaming only adds to the rumor that the new machines are coming soon. Bioware also " hoped " that they ( console makers ) would wait longer before releasing any new's here kids, I can't wait. Hope they have some news at E3.

Eyeco2848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

cez i doubt the next gen is comming any time soon the wii is leading this gen in sales 4 years down the line and its still selling out the door , in fact you could apply that to all 3 consoles,
Sales for all 3 aren't dropping significantly to make way for a new gen, microsoft is making a killer on live, and kinect is proving successful , sony has just started makin a profit and has been attracting 3rd party support, and the wii still flying out the doors, game purchases are higher than ever . What would be the point for all 3 companies to blow a winning streak ? everybody's winning, including the gamers i dont see this gen ending anytime soon , OT imo this probably gonna be gamings most important generation

EyeContact2848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

Current games that are on PC now are nowhere near next gen graphics should be. What, anti-aliasing and extra lighting just to call it nextgen? LOL

No way Microsoft is going to slap a $450 gpu on a $400 system.

plenty a tool2848d ago

battleaxe: do you and the people who agreed with you actually believe this nonsense? or is talking rubbish now considered

your whole post is just full of fail. microsoft have just finished 2010 on a massive high. and to talk of sony skipping a generation because the ps3 should really be the ps4 "coz itz juzt so powerful" is as laughable as it is pathetic!

skipping a generation would destroy the playstation. do you actually believe what you post?????

YodaCracker2848d ago

@BattleAxe "If you look at the 360 right now compared to the PS3, it has lost its momentum"

Disclaimer: The following comment will contain primarily facts, so there is really nothing to justify a disagree.

The Xbox 360 has the most momentum of any console going into 2011. It just posted its highest sales to date in December and its Fiscal 2010 shipments were higher than any prior year. It is also the only console that is up in year over year sales. And it is up by a huge percentage while the PS3 is down a bit and the Wii is down by a lot.

And with Kinect having just shattered records to become the fastest selling video game hardware of all-time, the 360 is actually looking stronger than ever going into 2011, at least from a business standpoint.

Eu2848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

Its not that PC games have evolve into next gen...its the HARDWARE they're on that have improoved...its old code being run on greater specifics. You dont even need to make the code more efficient that much, just let the brute force of gigs upon gigs and cores and so do the work.

what you're calling mommentum is MS desperate attempt to keep X360 afloat after a whole year selling worst than the PS3. Its paying up, but look at what price to the people who WAS the main target of the X360 at the beggining. Once the novelty wears off (or the add money end), what then? Food for tough.

FrankenLife2848d ago

Do not want. Games are too expensive as it is. I do not want to pay $70 for a game. Also there is no major tech increases right now that would make games on a new console look that much better to warrant new systems.

The consoles are hitting their stride, why ruin that with new hardware that developers would have to to start all over with.

Sales of this gen consoles aren't where they were this time last gen(Wii excluded), and neither are console prices.

The release of things like Move and Kinect are more signs that they are going to stick with this current gen for a while. If both platforms reach a reasonable amount of success, then you can be sure that they are going to iterate on them for the next gen making them better than they currently are. A new console shortly after the release of these new platforms would be suicide for them.

If new consoles do start coming out soon, then I will just stick with PC gaming.

WhiteNoise2847d ago


Very weak logic.

Here is why;


The amount I payed for a mid range card in 2007, is the cost of a high end card now. The cost of hardware should be put in the cost of a console. The game prices should not be adversely effected by new hardware.

You are also full of $#!+ about the games not having evolved.

We have DX11 in games FFS. Tessellation has to be programmed into the games. Hardware can make games run better and have better AA, but it doesn't magically make Tessellation or higher textures of higher levels of HDR where they weren't before, that is SOFTWARE advancements.

YodaCracker2847d ago (Edited 2847d ago )

@Eu "what you're calling mommentum is MS desperate attempt to keep X360 afloat after a whole year selling worst than the PS3."

Microsoft's desperate attempt was releasing Kinect? What are you on about? Hey, what was Sony's $100 price drop in 2009 after a year of being outsold by the 360? A desperate attempt to keep the PS3 afloat?

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malandra2848d ago

this is just made up nonsense, there's not even any rumors about any of this

gamingdroid2848d ago

I think if anything Nintendo will first usher in the next generation of consoles forcing MS/Sony to release the next console as well.

This is all dependent on how well the Xbox 360/PS3 competes with the Wii as they keep dropping in price squeezing Nintendo out of it's market.

Scary692848d ago

Thank god it's a rumor because I could have sworn MS already said they will not be doing another console.

showtimefolks2848d ago

nintendo's next home console fall 2012
xbox360 2 or xbox720 2013 maybe MS can push it to get to 2014
sony 2016

MS and sony can atleast use this gen for 4 more years and i think sony will usethis gen for another 6 years or so. ps3 is 299 imagine when it gets to 199 the demand will too high i fully expect a no price drop this year the next price drop will happen early 2012 around gdc is when sony will announce it

Godmars2902848d ago

Given past example, MS will build based on their own mindset which will be their own limitation. This happened with the Xbox1 which didn't play DVD movies out of the box despite having a DVD drive, and again with the 360 when it launched early w/o HD-DVD or BR. What happened with RRoD as well the repercussions of being a closed subscription based system and MMOs and a web browser.

If they do it, they're next system will be put out on strict terms where the PS4 will be more open and designed as a media device.

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teething2850d ago

I think 2012 is realistic for all 3 consoles, though I would not be surprised to see PS4 in early/mid 2013. Wii will be first, followed by the 360... then PS3. The switch will be triggered by plummeting Wii sales as Kinect/Move drop in price and eat into Wii sales.

Sadly, this transition will hurt Sony most of all, because the PS3 has the longest legs of the three current consoles, and Sony has invested a lot in it's success. I imagine they want to stretch this gen longer than 360 or Wii want to.

jony_dols2850d ago (Edited 2850d ago )

PS4 & 720 will probably be announced early 2012 at CES or a specific launch event e.g. Playstation meeting (PSP2).

We will probably be shown 2 if not all 3 consoles at E3 2012, along with launch title line ups and the consoles should be released in either the run up to Xmas or recieve a Spring/ early Summer 2013 launch.

I'm prepared to eat my own words.

malandra2848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

PS3's 10 year plan is not just an slogan

PS4 will be announced at E3 in 2015 and released for holidays 2016

Soldierone2848d ago

I believe Sony will follow the same route as PS3. PS4 will come out about two years or so after the NGP. So it will be announced at or around 2013 and released 2014 or 2015.

Unless MS is going to step it up like Sony and go out on a ledge by releasing high tech hardware and a new format, then their only bet to compete is to release theirs early again. So it will be out a year before.

Sony isnt going to push the new generation. PS3 still has a long life and still is fun to buy, so is 360. But once PS3 starts overtaking the 360 and getting too far ahead, expet MS to push a new Xbox.

siyrobbo2848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

'once PS3 starts overtaking the 360'

Should be IF ps3 starts overtaking

Eyeco2848d ago

'Should be IF ps3 starts overtaking'

nope, the ps3 has already just begun to outsell the 360 WW and even after kinect and the 360S the gap has only gotten smaller , the ps3 surpassing the 360 is inevitable, the industry knows this , hence the recent ammount of support the ps3 has been recieving from 3rd companys most notably valve , EA

MysticStrummer2848d ago

@siyrobbo - What are you talking about? PS3 has been overtaking the 360 since it launched.

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Deathstroke2850d ago

Sounds like Microsoft is ready to push out some more defective consoles. I mean the sheep kept buying them before so I'm sure it will still work.

hoops2850d ago

Thats funny you say that because it was Sony that released TWO consecutive consoles that were broken upon launch. The PS1 and PS2. Both had hardware design flaws for the optical drive system. That's two generations in a row.
MS fucked up with the Xbox360, however got it right with the hardware for the XBOX1.
It's ironic that just before the PS3 release, a lot of gamers were saying the same exact thing as you just did on the reliability of the next playstation console....

gameguidedog2850d ago

On a side note, back in the day my brother used to edit on a SONY VCR (had a 'flying erase head' feature for instant cuts editing).... 3 full package shipped back and fully replaced returns later, he finally got one that worked correctly. I wondered why he insisted on a Sony VCR. :)

hoops2850d ago

Thats funny. I get disagrees for actually stating the truth. LOL You got to love N4G.COM

SWORDF1SH2848d ago

@ hoops

You got disagrees because the defect rate of the PS1 and PS2 was nowhere as bad as the 360.

So while you are telling the truth, its the twisted truth.

You would make a great gaming rep.

maniacmayhem2848d ago

Stop twisting it around dude, We all know he got disagrees because he went against the Sony Brigade.

karl2848d ago

he gets disagrees cuz he supports a console that goes backwards jua jua .. how funny is that?

Fallouts2848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )


i couldnt care less if it was 80% failure rate as long as they dont pass the cost of fixing it on me.

after paying for dre 2 times, paying for what ever the hell was wrong with the ps1 and dead pixles on my first psp it was a relief not to come out of pocket over microsofts fvck up.

i dont care what the statistics say all i know is that i was a victim in every bad situation and only 1 out of the 2 comes to mind that i can actually say i got a real apology..

it doesnt make it fare that i have to pay for a broken console just cause im in the minority..

SWORDF1SH2848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

How did I twist it?

Hoops made a statement as fact with no evidence, no links, no grapths, no data, nothing.

You clearly will go against Sony like hoops. No matter what I say.

PS2 and PS1 had a high defect rate but the 360 took it to new hights.

I agree with you. Sony only are legally made to replace products up to a year after purchase and its standard with most products. MS had to increase their warrenty because of the high defect rate. But MS customer service is a lot better than sony's. No problem to replace my 360. I received the box and sent it and received it back within 2 weeks. but when my ps3 burnt out, in warrenty, I had to send it back on 3 occasions til they finally repaired it.

NewZealander2848d ago

i have to agree, i went through two ps1 consoles, the first one had to be upside down to play games and the others laser died, then i went through two ps2 fats, one because the laser died, the other just stopped working, and i also had a ps2 slim that totally blew the laser, even left a scorch mark on the disc, and now my ps3 slim is getting repaired, got a purple band down the left of the screen and random pixelation and artifacts allover screen, but only when playing games, video card problem i guess.

and what makes it even more ridiculous is i own two 360's and ive never had a problem...

so i know people go on about the xbox and its past reliability issues, and i understand how others must feel about it, ive got several friends that have had RRoD, but ive never had as bad luck with consoles as i have had with sony's

Fallouts2848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )


im not too sure about that year warranty. i remember getting dead pixels well with in a year and they wanted to charge me like 90 bucks and that was if i had a receipt it was over 100 with out. i was lucky i was cool with the guy at gamestop he swapped it out for me.

ms customer support is better just cause of the whole receipt thing, you dont need it but i still dont like them cause they never have my updated info after giving it to them so many times. i have learned my lesson with sony i have a special file for all my sony product receipts now..

i never dealt with a sony fix to know how their turn around rate is on consoles and i havnt had any ps3 problems for like 3 years now so thats good but i wasnt going to give sony more money for their other broken product i took it to someone else..

all i know is that i had to pay for no fixes on both ms consoles, the xbox never gave me any problems. i cant say that about sony, but who cares right? im just 1 of the not so many few..

matter fact i would put money that almost everyone here on n4g has had to pay for the dre issue but its cool cause it was only us.

ZombieAssassin2848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

I thought the first XBOX had a pretty huge failure rate too, at least everyone I knew that had one had it fail on them it was either the disc-drive or the thing just failed completely.

I only had one ps1 and it still works to this day, although I did have 1 ps2-fat disc drive die on me also but never a slim.

I also had to replace my ps3 slim within the first week because it had problems ejecting the disc, at the same time though i've went through 2 360's (1 RRoD and 1 Disc-drive fail) and everyone else i know with one has went though at the very least 2.

Neither company has released a fault proof console but I believe the 360 has had the highest failure rate of any gaming device and even a higher one than most other electronics too.

N4g_null2848d ago

Older gamers know the truth. You can believe what you want but Sony system numbers where over inflated. Most people owned an act of two to 4 ps2s. Simply put disk based gaming sucks for reliability. Yet adding heat to it makes it worst. My dreamcast still works, n64 still works, gc works, turbo graphx still works, snes, nes, genesis all still works and I never turn my wiioff I just let it sleep. My last ps2 died will never buy a console from them again. Unless they use a magnetic media. Ms hardware is a lot like Sony hardware failure wise so the bickering is pretty moot. They both suck at it because they are using specs and tech that needs more room and less use or at least better quality control. It's no wonder they fail. If marvel is to be believed the new psp is going to have similar issues.

New systems are coming. Another thing is new systems don't need high end graphics in all their games. The ps3 is doing just fine with a handful of games looking nice while every thing else is just ok looking.

Plus too the gamers don't know power from art direction and the trickery of animation. Most of you could not even understand how to even make even the ok graphics in some of these games.

The first to use power very loudly was nintendo in now your playing with power while pcs where just about to go into real 3d lol.

The truth is gamers are not educated on the power a system has and tech keeps making that even harder.

hoops2847d ago

Swordfish the point i was making is ony had TWO consoles that had design issues. You can look it up. Its common fact.
People blast MS for the Xbox360 hardware and they should. MS fucked the dog on it, But they give Sony a pass on the fact that for two generations they released hardware that was broken upon release. In both cases it had to do with the optical drive and heat. Look it up if you don't believe.
I never mentioned failure rates or anything like that. I was making a point that Sony had two generations of a hardware flaw in the PS1 and PS2.
Moreover...Sony IS a electronics manufacturer and they make the products themselves.

niceguyWii32844d ago

ps1 and ps2 were and still are far more reliable then a xbox 360 ..... fact.

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gameguidedog2849d ago

Hoops, same with me and this article. Jealous noobs say it's a bad article... go figure. Common people!

GtShaddz2848d ago

Except this IS a horrible article. You're not citing your sources, you're pandering to what people want to hear.

On top of that, your images are all concepts of the first generation Xbox and the 360, and that wonky as fuck controller is a horrible Photoshop.

L2Troll, and go peddle your shitty "news" somewhere else, "dog".

Also, go back to school. Your grammar is deplorable.

redd0r2848d ago

Agreed on all counts.

Rubberlegs2848d ago

Your source tells you that the next Xbox is ready and nothing else. The rest of your article rambles on about what the specs might be.

Stealth20k2848d ago

Another one of these shit articles again.............

Theres no rumors or speculation about any next gen consoles period