More 3DS battery life details from Nintendo

Nintendo goes into greater detail regarding the 3DS' battery life.

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boogeyman9992880d ago

3 hours is terrible. No way I am having my system at max brightness.

crxss2880d ago

i'm sure 3rd parties will come out with a larger 3DS replaceable battery... at least they better.

HolyOrangeCows2879d ago

I'd say wait for at least the 3rd reiteration of the 3DS, when they've improved it to 4 hours. lol

Umezu: .....but if you turn off the 3D (The main gimmick) and turn the screens off and stop pressing buttons and install a solar panel, you'll get a 40% increase!

RyuCloudStrife2879d ago

this is my main concern with the 3ds... it just sucks!!....

@HolyOrangeCows gave u a bubble for funny made me laugh with the "if you install a solar panel you'll get a 40% increase!" lol

Kalowest2880d ago

Guess i have to wait for the 3DSlite with a better battery.

Trunkz Jr2879d ago

Who plays handheld for hours like that? When you do, you can easily plug into a wall and play non stop...

Shang-Long2879d ago

pokemon players lol..i know i did

Titanz2879d ago

I only use my handheld devices at home, anyways(except my cell phone of course xD).

yugioh1002879d ago

these idiots are too stupid to think about that.

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