Are games killing us? Enter the uncomfortable world of eThrombosis

Kim Kyung-jae lived for games. The 24-year-old South Korean was not employed full-time, and spent most of his leisure hours at a LAN cafe in the city of Kwangju. His game of choice: NCsoft's Mu Online, a medieval fantasy MMORPG. The last time he played, the session lasted nearly three and a half days. Witnesses report he only left his seat to buy cigarettes or visit the toilet. On October 9, 2002, after 86 almost straight hours of Mu, he collapsed. Regaining consciousness briefly, he staggered to the toilet, where he collapsed again. He didn't recover. Kim Kyung-jae died for games.

The exact cause of his demise has been attributed to both "exhaustion" and deep-vein thrombosis (DVT). This latter has been wholeheartedly adopted by sensationalist media as yet another reason why games are bad for the world. It's a horrible condition, for sure. Prolonged inactivity impedes bloodflow around your body, causing clots to form in the deeper veins - usually the legs, but occasionally the arms as well.

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sfinXters3900d ago

I think that the most probable cause for this is e-idiotosis or e-nolifeosis.

Herby3900d ago

of course anything in excess can kill you... too much water, oxygen, food, excersise, you name it.