Firmware 3.56 Hacked, New Keys Available

Just over an hour ago, Sony released a new firmware update for the PS3 that only served one function: security. With all the recent hacking incidents of the PS3, it was expected to see a counter by Sony at some point in time and tonight was it. As Sony performed this counter, hackers found a weakness in Sony's defense and have hacked the latest firmware.

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deadreckoning6662882d ago (Edited 2882d ago )

WOW, these guys are good. You have to give them that. Very intelligent people out there. Almost makes me rethink leaving my Computer Security major lol.

I_P_Freely- I agree, but how much damage will this REALLY do to Sony? There are what, 34 million PS3 owners out there. How many of them do you think know this hack exists...or are even willing to try it out? Not many I think.

I think with time, more people will know about this CFW, but for now...I don't think its that big of a problem for Sony.

Nitrowolf22882d ago (Edited 2882d ago )

That was extremely fast.
I don't even care anymore, my only concern is that Sony should just kick them off the network, perma ban them if they can. It's going to get annoying if every month all we get is updates like these.
I'm starting to miss the ones with new features :(

Why do they need online anyway????

Wenis2882d ago


Now that the PS3 is hacked and its apparent you can't fix it can you please give us back OtherOS thanks

awesomeperson2882d ago

I'm sure they could find a proper way to contribute their intelligence to society other than trying to get a little famous on the net.

If they were intelligent they would put their skills to better use instead of helping poor pirates benefit.

gaden_malak2882d ago

"Dear SONY

Now that the PS3 is hacked and its apparent you can't fix it can you please give us back OtherOS thanks "

Dear Wenis,

Use a Computer.



gamingdroid2882d ago

The hacked the latest firmware faster than most people got their hands on the latest update. I didn't even know it was out and the darn thing is hacked again.

So the hackers will still be able to do what they normally do, while gazillion people are inconvenienced.

I can see the progress....

EyeContact2882d ago (Edited 2882d ago )

Honestly, i think the hackers are just showing off to Sony what they're capable of at this point in the game.

Imo, people who wanted to get the ps3 for homebrews has already had theirs done. Thats all i can say about that. As for the hackers, it looks to me only a hand full of hackers are working atm. It's only a matter of time when this catches mainstream. When that happens, i expect many other hackers to jump the train. Sony is going to have their hands full for a while.

AntoineDcoolette2882d ago

I'm all for hacking my PS3 as I did my PSP for homebrew applications but I refuse to until this PS3 hack been been around for a while knowing extremely unlikely it'll brick my PS3 or get my PSN account banned. And don't go off assuming everyone who hacks their system is doing so explicitly for piracy, I have some killer applications on my PSP including internet radio that gets over 100 stations!

SnuggleBandit2882d ago


plus who's gonna be downloading newer games like Killzone 3? Its over 41 gigs of info! That would literally take me forever, especially with hardly anyone seeding cause in the big scheme of things not many people know about it.

-Alpha2882d ago (Edited 2882d ago )

"That would literally take me forever"


Anyways, it was fast, and I don't see why Sony should play cat and mouse.

I thought that the best thing for them to do was release new hardware and ban users, if they are able to. Otherwise I see no workaround. I don't see why hackers would willingly update their hacked PS3s. And I thought that Sony couldn't detect them, and if they can then they should have been banned already.

I STILL think this is a little overblown. None of the other consoles were that badly effected. I don't know the extent of damage this will do. I suppose it depends on how hard Sony wants to chase these guys.

I wonder if Sony could "fill" all extra Blu Ray space to 50 GB, potentially forcing all pirates to always download 50 Gigs of data. Does anyone know if this is possible? Though it wouldn't work for PSN Downloadables

DORMIN2882d ago (Edited 2882d ago )


Its definitely not as many as people think.

In a ratio against jailbroken iPods/iPhones it would be significantly lower. Why? This generation of console gaming is so multiplayer and patch focused it would basically be half the fun to deny yourself access to the online components.

PS3n3602882d ago

Why the F*$%k does everyone assume pirates download everything. A blu-ray burner and a game rental equals pirated games. Every China town in the world sells burned movies and games for next to nothing. The real threat is counterfeit games.

smashman982882d ago

@alpha male

padding the disc woulnt help at all most games do this already its just a matter of taking out the junk you dont need which is done with everthing including the downloadable ps3 games

EyeContact2882d ago

@ alpha male

It's not the hacking that is over blown. It's the controversy of the PS3 being unhackable. Think about, you are a hacker and someone says their machine cannot be hacked, EVER.

Often hackers have a big ego and like to be recognized among their peers. GeoHots ego is bigger than Sonys 10 year life span for the ps3. haha i kid

jneul2882d ago

Dear wenis,
that is what the hackerz was meant to do, i.e restore otheros, but as usual they was just using it as an excuse to make it moral to hack the ps3, which is why we have backup managers and pirated games first....
finally use a computer otheros really was not that good and yes i had a fat ps3, much better for gaming thank you

nix2882d ago

i haven't even updated it yet.. sigh!

Ifone2882d ago

34 millions, lol, what a troll...with your math, and % of dead console, how many 360 ? 12 millions ?

DragonKnight2882d ago

Dear Wenis

No. We gave you OtherOS in the first place and less than 1% of you bothered to even use it. You had your legitimate chance at homebrew, if that's what you wanted, but it wasn't enough. So use a computer where homebrew is


kewlkat0072882d ago

"Now that the PS3 is hacked and its apparent you can't fix it can you please give us back OtherOS thanks "

I Agree...they could of put a stop to all of this.

Christopher2882d ago (Edited 2882d ago )

Something tells me that the real security features weren't new keys. No matter what they do, the metldr info will give them full access anyway. They had to of implemented something for aiding in the detection of using either pirated games or detecting if a person is utilizing CFW or illegally signed software.

***Think about, you are a hacker and someone says their machine cannot be hacked, EVER. ***

No one ever said that, though...

blahblah2882d ago (Edited 2882d ago )


Dear Sony,

based on your commercials when i bought my first ps3, i thought i did

and since you are too incompetent to provide us with decent media player/network functionality, i'd like my otheros back. i bought computer/gaming platform, where nowhere was written i'll be able to use only one of those

sorry, lost my respect

zag2881d ago


Yeah I know I bought a PS3 too!

and all I could play on it was stupid console games and blu-ray movies how pathetic is that!

I've always waited for the day where I can run a homebrew MP3 player or movie player on the PS3 but standard sony firmware doesn't allow that.

Oner2881d ago (Edited 2881d ago )

@ Alpha-Male22 ~ They could just do large uncompressed video or audio. Preferably video since audio could probably be compressed easily and re-inserted. Either way I hope/think the security update was to help catch who is doing what more than just trying to close something that can't be closed.

Then once they have all the data of who is doing what simply permanently ban via login, mac address and even ip to make it extremely annoying/difficult to those who wish to go that route. Actually, even do small updates regularly that are done quick (30 seconds to a minute in total I say) so as to not inconvenience legit owners too much to keep their online gaming in tact without hackers etc. while making it a whole process for those who aren't legit.

Game-ur2881d ago

Dear blahblah

Nobody forced you to update and lose Other OS, it was your choice

And stop the BS, we know you really want "free" games

TerrorCell2881d ago


How the F*&^ing hell are you inconvenienced by other people hacking the firmware?

blahblah2881d ago (Edited 2881d ago )


nobody forced me? hahaha. hopefully, you're smarter in your life than on internet.

if i wanted to play newer games... i HAD to update.
if i wanted to play any of my games online... i HAD to update

this is called "between rock and a hard place" choice where customer loses in every case. please enlighten me how could i retain complete machine i bought.

features which were sold to me were taken afterwards and this is pure shit from sony. no EULA can't specify that. sorry, consumers rights come first. they can specify how i will be present in PSN since they provide it for free, but ps3 is mine, not theirs. i bought it, not loaned it.

you don't see car companies taking out engines because faults in them were causing accidents. and for your information, real reason why OtherOS was removed weren't hackers. it was sony, which was to cheap to maintain hypervisor drivers

if they took 1/2 functionality, they can return 1/2 of the money too. i really actually bought my 60GB for linux on day 1. first year there were almost no games i'd be interested in. until metal gear, but i could wait with that too. but since i'm living of writing code, cell infrastructure was too interesting to pass by.

i took my salt of grain with ps3 (investing in 3xps3 and 121 games was quite a big expense), but sony won't see me as returning customer for ps4. that one is guaranteed.

and to add i'm kinda happy that ps3 got hacked. sony deserves the other end of the stick. they did exactly the same as they accuse hackers did to their ps3 and never been punished. not only they installed rootkit, but also infringe GPL license of LAME. this is kinda same as stealing from beggars as LAME is provided for free as long as you respect the license

Mahr2881d ago

Look, at this point, saying that OtherOS was removed because no one used it or because it was cracked or because keeping it cost money is functionally irrelevant to the current situation.

Regardless of whatever the reasons were, intentionally removing functionality from a system whose main selling point is its wide-range of features was a bad move. Full stop.

Looking back and saying 'You know what we need to do? We need to make more moves like that!' is a rather poor stance to take if one wants to actually avoid this sort of mess in the future.

ExplosionSauce2881d ago

Congratulations, now you're popular for hacking the PS3 and have earned 10 internets.

CarlosX3602881d ago

I don't know about anyone else, but these hackers, and GeoHot are actually digging themselves a bigger hole with this hack. I sincerely hope that Sony wins, and I sincerely hope these hackers will learn their lessons.

If the hackers win this suit, then they will never learn.

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meetajhu2882d ago

What took you so long? /sarcasm

-TopCat (good old child hood memories :D)

nskrishna22882d ago

I remember...+ bubs for the memories..xD

PixlSheX2882d ago

Well.. now sony knows that any new firmware won't fix the problem.
The ban-hammer will strike very soon.

Dsnyder2882d ago

Dude that is bullshit.

Thugbot1872882d ago

Hard-coding values - EPIC programming fail.

Mister_G2882d ago

REALLY fed up of this now :'(

Andronix2882d ago (Edited 2882d ago )

It's very nice for this chap to 'report' this, but the article doesn't hold any water unless he quotes a source. He can't just say 'Its been reported that hackers...' Even for amateur bloggers, facts are important.

jut4202881d ago

There is no source and over on Neogaf they are saying that this patch might take a while to hack and that the CFW 3.56 is fake....Can't believe you are the first person to point out that this story has NO SOURCE

looks like they might have fixed users from accessing PSN (except for a DNS glitch I read in that link)which is what I really care about. I hate online cheaters!

xAlmostPro2881d ago

they have the keys but the latest update also blocks PSN access to anyone who installs or tries to install any form of CFW or homebrew to a ps3 on this update, and it also requires hardware to perform a downgrade haha

sony aren't that stupid

xAlmostPro2881d ago

oh really? :P then please explain the articles stating these things and people actually being blocked from PSN already? :)

NeoMagus2881d ago

If you update to the new OFW, then sure you'll be blocked. Theres a DNS workaround already out that still allows them to connect to PSN by getting around the file that checks for the current firmware

xAlmostPro2881d ago

@newmagus yup, but like i said on THIS update.. if you didn't do a DNS work around and have installed this your already screwed unless you downgrade via hardware like geohot 1st had to do..

and im guessing alot of the 'hackers' probably installed this, more so the little 12 year old cod hackers who though they were leet by copy n pasting others codes will most likely all have updated and now feeling like idiots xD

NeoMagus2880d ago (Edited 2880d ago )

I guess you don't get it.

They can't force the OFW on your console, you have to accept and download it. Have idiot kids like the ones that disagreed with me mistakely updated their consoles when they went to log in since the 3.56 update? Probably. Any normal person with a brain that did it isn't going to go back to OFW, you either disable the internet connection thru settings or just refuse the update. and its not hard to google the workaround or (surprise) just wait for a 3.56 CFW. It'll never end now, at the very least those who did it for backups are still going to be able to play them.

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ProGrasTiNation2881d ago

If you mean Noooo! sony cant fix this problem then..yes you are right.
Master keys are found people & unless you give new hardware to every ps3 owner then there is no fix!

hiredhelp2881d ago (Edited 2881d ago )

hack update wait some time counter update hack. update hack again.

Prometheus-4 for 5.00 M33-6

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Desmios2882d ago

all keys have been hacked

Kalowest2882d ago

Damn that was QUICK!!!!

IMChampion2882d ago

The sad life of lonely women less hackers. They can afford do dedicate their lives to this since they get none.

Kalowest2882d ago

I know one hacker that stays with a girlfriend.

Orion2882d ago

@Kalowest lesbian hackers don't count.
I want to meet her, btw.

bilbob12345ca2882d ago

I think we have a record here folks...

jizzyjones2882d ago

Whats an absolute ballache for Sony, what they hell can they do now?

jizzyjones2882d ago

If it was that easy i'm sure that would of happened by now.

red2tango2882d ago

it's hard to detect, but it will happened, those people that run games of their hdd that aren't meant to run from there. if they were smart they'd replace the gameid masking it to look like a psn game, but even then psn games usually require being connected to psn so i think sony can ban and will ban.

DelbertGrady2882d ago

Wouldn't be surprised if the hackers find a way to remove the ban. The PS3 security seems faulty, to say the least.

Ifone2882d ago (Edited 2882d ago )

Yeah sure dilbert bad troll, 4 years without being hacked, it's just never the best security in console history...go buy the best hardware and library if you are a gamer, playing on n4g is bit healthy.

alex33692881d ago

lol at ifone you do not realize how F'd sony's security is?? look at the xbox...... it has been hacked(Jtag) which was PATCHED IN DEFIANTLY. you can also flash your xbox's dvd drive but i would bet the ps3 isnt that hard its just that there is absoulutely no market for burning blu rays as it would be expensive as [email protected]#$. sorry but sony botched bad and while i will sympathize for their errors you cannot say it wasnt hacked for 4 years because this is completely destroyed security at its finest.

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darksied2882d ago

I think they'll ban consoles, but they might wait. They'll wait until there's a good number of them going online, then ban them all at once. If they tip their hand now, then hackers will just come up with something better and they'll have to work on it all over again.

Of course, this is just wishful thinking. If it was me, I'd put every game/movie, etc. pirate in jail.