PSP2: Sony’s chance for handheld redemption

Sony can rise from the ashes of the original PSP if it follows these suggestions for portable improvement.

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Alpha_Gamer2548d ago

"Sony can rise from the ashes of the original PSP"

Hmmm, I`m not seeing any ashes, can somebody point me in the right direction?

Dragun6192548d ago

Seriously, PSP is a solid portable system and the first to ever successfully compete and survive in the portable market that Nintendo has ever since dominated with the first Gameboy.

PSP is a good start into the Portable market. I don't see how PSP was a failure nor do I see a reason why Sony needs to redeem themselves from it.

TBM2547d ago

dude didn't you hear 60-65 million sold equals complete and utter failure in the eyes of the gaming media./s

i guess if i won the lotto for the same amount as much as it sold i would find disappointed with that amount of money.

dredgewalker2547d ago

I guess 60+ million sold units counts as a flop to these idiots. Everywhere I go outside I always see someone playing with a psp which makes me think that there's probably more units sold than the official tally.

norman292547d ago

im sorry but we know what it looks like so why use that bullshot? :|

El_Assenso2547d ago

Haha!! Well said, bubbles-up for you Alpha!

xAlmostPro2547d ago

can't these articles use the real psp2 images now?:L

2547d ago
Cupid_Viper_32547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

I think the author was talking about the ashes of nearly 70,000,000 units sold.....that's a lot of ashes, I'm actually not sure they'll be able to rise through all that to be honest. that's also close to half of the number of ps2 sold as well, one could easily say that 1 in 2 ps2 owners owns a psp.

I think Sony would be ok with such a ratio.

But hey, don't let a few facts spoil this article.......carry on please.

oh and one more point, since the article is about Sony following suggestions. The psp shown in the pic for the article would fail miserably, the 2 analog sticks would require you to play with your thumbs aiming downwards, (un-natural) and you'd cramp up after 10 minutes. And so many other flaws.

Freshnikes2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago ) can I give the guy who approved or wrote this a bubble for ...TROLLING.....this is to funny 70million units sold in a failure stick to writing fail articles cause and retail are not your strong suit...ctfu

tubers2547d ago

LOL the author is asking for a DRM that requires NPG to stay connected to the net or 3G coonection.

That's instant fail.