Kinect: A Day One Purchase..Day Two Refund

When I purchased my Kinect sensor for my 360 to be quiet honest, it was an impulse buy. Excited non the less, I took it home and set it up to my HDTV. Initially I was amazed at how I could control the dashboard with voice commands and hand motions. Being able to move my hands in front of the TV and control the 360 to some degree seemed cool. However my love afair with Kinect was short lived.

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aviator1892705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

I just hope steel battalion and project draco deliver.

ComboBreaker2704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

because going to be hard to deliver, with an limiting hardware fighting against them.

"We're sorry, but Steel Battalion and Project Draco could not be delievered. They were lost in the mail."

Active Reload2704d ago

"Kinect: A Day One Purchase..Day Two Refund"

Day one purchase? I would have believed you if you actually wrote this article the 2ND day Kinect came out, but yet you write it now? I smell a troll...

eggbert2704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

@ active

According to the article, he bought a few weeks ago and returned sometime recently. The article title is supposed to be suggestive of Kinect having no staying power, but I'll agree its a flamebait title.

Title should be something more relevant to what he did like "Kinect only good for holidays" (which he said) or something like that. Then again I am terrible at making up titles so don't mind me.

EDIT: I gave you an agree because you're randomly getting disagree's.

DeFFeR2704d ago

they might.

The latest dashboard update had a Kinect update in it as well.

All of the lag is gone, and everything is tracking at 1:1 since the update.

I bought Kinect for my kids, but have been using it to get into better shape. Your Shape FE is excellent for this.

I still have my hands and controllers for the "hardcore" (what does that even mean...) games - so there's no issue with feeling like i'm losing out.

If there are ever any non-casual games that come out for Kinect - I'm sure that i'll try them out... no sense in being a baby like most who havent played motion controls on either console and refuse to even try it.

xxLuckyStrike2705d ago

another gimick from microsoft..

k-dillinger2705d ago

ha ha just like black ops for me...

Mustang300C20122704d ago

Same thing happen when I got the MOVE so I believe it.

wu-stix2704d ago

Sony has been keeping things interesting though with move. I mean they just released DS:Extraction a couple of days ago and there is K3 to look forward to in a few weeks. Kinect hasn't had a new game come out since November. While the games do that look interesting don't have release dates and will probably only come out for the holidays.

Mustang300C20122704d ago

Why are you pointing out games for? I mean what is your point. If you are interested in MOVE with those games GREAT. Bur I have had no interest in keeping MOVE with the knowledge those games were coming out. I don't care for teh Dead Space series and I enjoyed Killzone 2 and will pick up 3 but don't care for MOVE. So what that Kinect hasn't had a game come out. I have been enjoying Dance Central, Kinect Sports and Joy Ride. I am aware of what is coming out for both systems and what hasn't been anounced yet. I also play other games besides Kinect. I don't need a game released every month for Kinect. I was a beta tester playing Kinect Sports and Joy Ride so I have been playing it longer than most and still play them. I am deployed with my Kinect and my family at home has their own Kinect and we utilize the video chat with it also so it gets used besides games(it was advertise with these featurs also)

"While the games do that look interesting don't have release dates and will probably only come out for the holidays."

Sony could have alot of this years exclusives delayed like last year whats your point?

malandra2704d ago

how can anyone think that Kinect could be useful for gaming is beyond me

BlackTar1872704d ago

it can be really useful for its target audience. You dont have to feel the same way to understand the point.

gamingdroid2704d ago

Understanding of others is a trait that seems to lack in humans.

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