Mass Effect goes massive to the extreme

GamerNode writes:

"Call me crazy. Call me an idiot. Or call me for a date. It might be a stretch, but I'm going to go ahead and say: Mass Effect, Game Of The Year." More after the jump.

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risk3868d ago

heres a cheapshot.

the gameplay is acctually 20 hours, its just that the time you spend with that menu open it drags it to 70 :P

BADBOYEK43868d ago

You can say what you want to say,but the XBOX360 is Kickin Azz first and taking names Last.

Mr VideoGames3868d ago

your Comment would make a Fanboy turn Neutral.

nasim3868d ago (Edited 3868d ago )

All EU journalists back at GDC,2007 termed ME as totally disappointing.
It feautures just 1/2 enemies per screen...what a shame.

with disappointing graphics this shouldnt have been made in the first place

MASS EFFECT disappointed at GDC.

this is what the EU journalists had to say:-

Watching the first 20 minutes of Mass Effect played by a cute BioWare representative, I couldn't help but be reminded of a ventriloquist I saw on America's Got Talent a few nights ago. Why I happened to be watching America's Got Talent is none of your business, but let it be known that I wasn't happy about it.

Now, the thing about Mass Effect is that it seemed, more or less, like a ventriloquist's dummy. Of course, it was a very nice-modeled, well-rendered dummy with nice textures, but nothing more. The game, much like Pinocchio, lacks life.

The gameplay looks like your standard FPS fare, which is to say that I didn't see anything great or remarkable. There's a variety of weapons and abilities to use, but my pants didn't get wet or tight because of them. Gameplay is kind of hard to judge without an actual controller in your hands, so I'm going to reserve judgment on that.

Where the presentation really fell short, however, is in the emotionless voice acting and subpar facial animations. Not only did the conversation lack the natural ebb and flow to which we were all looking forward, but it was as if the voice actor's took commas, question marks, and exclamations points out of their repertoire. The dialogue has about as much emotional engagement as a grocery list. Even worse, the facial animations match the shoddy voice acting: the mouths move, and that's about it. It'd be great for a Joan Rivers botox sim, but it doesn't really make for a compelling video game.

At worst, Mass Effect is disappointing. The best reaction I've heard all day was this: "It wasn't that bad, just more of the same." If "not that bad" is all you've got going for you ...

Ho hum.

BLACKJACK VII3868d ago (Edited 3868d ago )


Insights from a reviewer who was 'not very interested' in Mass Effect...

"First up, Mass Effect Looks absolutely stunning! I simply can't describe to you how good the facial models look in this game - this is about as close to in-game, photo-realistic imagery I've ever seen on a console game. And if you think that the screen shots look good, wait until you play the game itself on a large screen, high definition TV - you'll find it hard to believe what you're seeing."

"It's also good to see that absolutely all the cut scenes and animations use the in-game engine - nothing is pre-rendered in Mass Effect."

"One of the most important things about Mass Effect is that it's as much of an RPG as you want it to be. This game could very nearly be described as an over-the-shoulder, third person shooter, if that's the way you decide to play it. The basic combat is very slick and definitely doesn't feel anything like kind of laborious combat systems that are often associated with role playing games."

"BioWare has created a combat system that is both strategic and fun, and that's no mean feat. It's also a completely open system, so if you're facing a couple of relatively simple enemies you can just dive behind some cover and take them out with your pistol, old school style. But if you're facing a superior force, that's when the strategy part comes in, making sure that the right members of your party are attacking the most important targets. It's also a case of using the right attacks - knocking an enemy down with a Psi attack, so that a comrade can then finish them off with a clear shot is extremely satisfying."

"But the real beauty of Mass Effect is how you approach the game - the story line really does appear to be driven by the player, to a far greater extent than most games."

" ...there are at least three completely different endings to the game, and it should take the average player around 25 hours to reach one of them, assuming that they choose a direct route. Greg was keen to point out that once you have completed the first section of Mass Effect, the universe really is your oyster and there are many, many planets to explore which have little or nothing to do with the main story line."

"Mass Effect employs Ageia's PhysX engine for in-game physics, and from what I saw it's very well implemented. The Mass Effect world seems to react as it should to your interaction, rather than throwing up physics eye candy. Obviously you've got the usual debris being blown all over the place when there's an explosion, but it's not over the top, making the physics implementation an enhancement rather than a distraction"

"Going back to visuals, it's not just the facial textures and animations that look good. The environments are well rendered and add atmosphere, especially when you're exploring new planets. There's good use of motion blur and even some film grain thrown in for good measure - the latter can be switched off if you don't like it. Most impressive though, is the depth of field effect, making it very easy for the player to concentrate on the focus of the scene - in fact I'd say that the depth of field in Mass Effect is the best I've seen in a game."

"With games this strong hitting the street before the end of the year, I can see Santa delivering a lot of Xbox 360s again."

DG3868d ago

Im dying to play this game too but to call it GOTY without playing it is like me calling H3 or COD3 GOTY right now. So yes your an idiot.

Monty_The_Great3868d ago

COD3 or H3? I don't get it, one has been out for a while and the other isn't out yet.

darkequitus3867d ago

As always,

you waste your only bubble on showing everyone how much of a scabby c*ock you are. well done, you pr*ck

jaja14343867d ago

I know I shouldn't read this guys post but they just make me laugh so hard, I just find it hard to resist!

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IQUITN4G3868d ago

360 sure has a lot of them

Bnet3433868d ago

RPG GOTY, no contest folks.

chrno3868d ago

white knight story will be, not mass effect. Jrpg > wrpg in general.

RadientFlux3868d ago (Edited 3868d ago )

@chrno don't make me laugh just because you like JRPGs more doesn't mean everyone does.

For me most JRPGs are more like "choose your own adventure" then a true RPG.

EDIT: Actually I have played Suikoden and quiet a few JRPGS since I got my first NES system. Over the years I just got more interested in western RPGS like Fallout, Ultima and Baulder's Gate. And I really couldn't care less which is more popular worldwide. Popularity is never a measure of quality. If it was true Britney Spears would be one of the greatest musicians of all time.

chrno3868d ago

Well that's your opinion, but worldwide jrpg is a lot more popular than wrpg. No offence but I doubt u have played the best jrpg such as suikoden 2 and chrono trigger. Final fantasy is not the only jrpg u know?

Bnet3433868d ago

White Knight doesn't come out in 2007 genius

HeavyweightInTheGame3868d ago

Yea those are very nice rpgs (I have both of them by the way and completed the hell out of Chrono Trigger) but it is true that Western Rpgs are rising and jrpgs (made today) are falling in standards and getting stale. Games like Oblivion, KOTOR, Mass Effect and Fable are rising and getting great sales even more than many jrpgs. Even Jrpg fans must admit that this game is looking very good and will most likely get GOTY honours. Besides. What JRPGS are contenders that are even being talked about as much as Mass Effect right now anyway?

i Shank u3868d ago (Edited 3868d ago )

think before you post; white knight story will be contender for next year's GOTY, because thats when it comes out jackass. :)
but i realize you needed a launching post to give your jrpg > wrpg opinion, which is also a little bleh because you name old games and compare them to new ones. you do play new games dont you?
Oblivion owns all those Jrpg's you named(my best friend used to be a suikoden nut, ive played it many times). IMO

HeavyweightInTheGame3868d ago

Just because many people may not like jrpgs like you and prefer western rpgs, doesn't mean they haven't been a fan of jrpgs in the past. I used to love them. But now they're getting a bit old. Mainly talking about the random battle battle system in many of them.

InMyOpinion3867d ago

Hmmm, JRPGS more popular you say? Correct me if I'm wrong but last time I checked World of Warcraft was a western rpg.

Another comment on JRPGS - Why do all the characters you play as have to look like they have'nt hit puberty yet? It just feels silly.

White Knight Story (you get to play as a 13 year old knight?!) looks like it will get average scores like 7,2/10. It's doesn't impress graphically (poor textures and not much detail. Good lighting though) and the battle system looks tedious.

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Double-Edged3868d ago (Edited 3868d ago )

are really the best in the market.

Gears of War
Dead Rising
Viva Pinata
Lost Planet
Mass Effect
Too Human
Alan Wake
Lost Odyssey

and some of these are going to be trilogies.
All are GOTY quality aswell.

Double-Edged3868d ago (Edited 3868d ago )

Is it the PS3 fanboys??
well.. lets see what new IP PS3 has that is actually AAA and/or could be GOTY...

HS(nope sorry)
and... that's it...

***Edit: In this CONSOLE war (hence the word 'console') the New IP's of the 360 look more promising and delivering.

Lets have a run down

Drake (What new and innovative thing does this game put on the table??nothing)
Heavenly Sword (wow... new IP but same gameplay as GoW)
Lair (this is a failed in so many ways..not even worth playing on the PSP)
White Knight Story (Again, what new things doe sthis put on the table?)
Haze (The only thing new and innovative is the drugs. lol. I like it)
Eye of Judgement (This is a stretch... We'll see, definitly not GOTY)
Folklore (Wow, played the demo...far from being AAA or GOTY)
L.A. Noire (What information have you about this game?? that it's being made??)
Nobi Nobi Boy (from Katamari creator) (any screen shots??)
Infamous (again.. anything that proves this to be big??)
LittleBigPlanet (This is a good attempt to see Nex Gen Gaming)

Dont' say Lost Planet Floped if it went platinum and sold over a million in less than 2 weeks or a month.

Skerj3868d ago

Gears, Lost Planet, Bioshock, Huxley, and Alan Wake are all/will be on PC. So we're waiting on Mass Effect and Lost Odyssey, and part of me sees ME coming to the PC as well just as KOTOR I, II, and Jade Empire.

rhood0223868d ago

Of your list, only Gears and Bioshock are proven hits.

Dead Rising (was ok, with rumour that the second will be multi-plat) Lost Planet (Flop)
Viva Pinata (Flop for what it was trying to be)

The rest, while new IPs, cannot be judged yet. So saying they are "the best", well thats like PS fanboys going off purely based on hype. Which apparently, you don't like.

And using the "etc" doesn't add anything. In fact it just shows that there is nothing beyond that initial list. Also, saying that they will be GOTY, wow, what crystal ball are you looking into. Just because they are 360 exclusive does not guarantee an automatic GOTY bid. But for comparison, here is the PS3's new IPs:

Heavenly Sword
White Knight Story
Haze (exclusivity in question, but for now PS exclusive)
Eye of Judgement
L.A. Noire
Nobi Nobi Boy (from Katamari creator)

Plus there are at least two unnamed IPS that could be huge:
Rockstars New IP
Epics new IP

Being ignorant must be peaceful, but to the rest of us who know that great games are coming from all sides (Wii included) its a great time to be a gamer.

Odion3867d ago

where do you get your facts? Both Dead Rising and Lost Planet sold over a million copies, AND there is no proof that Epic is working on a PS3 only IP

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