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WhittO2879d ago

aawww got me hopes up for a new FW to go along with PSP2 or something then haha :(

Hope this patch helps to find hacked ps3s!

Krypto2879d ago (Edited 2879d ago )

This is going to be interesting!! News tomorrow will be "Millions of PS3's banned from PSN!!

ShAkKa2879d ago

Do you really think "millions" of PS3's have been hacked already?

trancefreak2879d ago

Im sure the dumb smart hackers will keep far from teh net.

ReBurn2879d ago

If people don't apply the patch then it isn't going to do much good helping to find hacked PS3's. But hopefully it makes it more difficult to install custom firmware for people who do upgrade to 3.56.

badz1492879d ago

maybe for awhile until somebody manage to create 3.56 CFW but yeah, Sony is not stepping down to pirates. good to know

Best2879d ago

All is lost for the company whose name starts with S and rhymes with Pony. I have already downloaded over 50 games and I plan not to spend another dollar on overpriced software. I love CFW!

badz1492879d ago

so what? wanna cookie? STFU pirate!

Pixelated_Army2879d ago

Here's the link to 3.55 direct from Sony reinstall this before you update to 3.56!

zeeshan2878d ago

They hacked this update with in 1 hour of release! That's lightning fast!

Sony can't do anything now that hackers have the metldr keys (something SONY can't change unless they revise the hardware) so I believe playing this cat and mouse game is going to piss us loyal Sony customers. I mean, what ever happened to the updates that actually added something?

These mendatory security patches are going to get annoying!

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sdtarm2879d ago

3, 2, 1


gaden_malak2879d ago

If I understand the new hack, they can access the PSN without the need to check for new firmware?

PirateThom2879d ago

Actually, this is blocking PSN access to jailbroken consoles.

Oh, trust me, Sony know who's using jailbreaks on the PS3.

Geohot said to hold off updating.

GSpartan7772879d ago (Edited 2879d ago )

@gaden_malak that's not what the hack does. You can downgrade firmware but you can't do anything on PSN because Sony requires mandatory updates for that. That's why most people who use CFW stay off PSN. What is causing the hack are the homebrew people are using.

WetN00dle692879d ago

You do know Sony cant brick your system right.....??
If they do they will have many many people suing them! To brick your system is just as much illegal as the freaking modders downloading pirated software. All Sony can do is Ban you from PSN. Which is more than enough in my opinion.

SoapShoes2879d ago

@WetN00dle69 - So what? Hackers can get away with it, I'm sure Sony could find a loophole or just pay off the judge. lol He who has the most money wins in our legal system.

Red_Phoenix2879d ago

@WetN00dle69 & @Estranged, It is true that sony can not disable your hardware because you legally own it and payed for it, but they can disable the firmware/software that makes the hardware works. It's a catch 22, basically the loop hole sony can use to disable a ps3 if they wished.

chainer30002879d ago (Edited 2879d ago )

@PirateThom - do you have a link where Geohot says this? I've read the opposite. Not that it matters to me, I don't have a hacked PS3, I pay for quality games... and even a lot of poor quality games...

Just interested in seeing if Sony actually fixed this with a firmware update for the short-term which I had heard "was impossible due to the nature of the hack".

Edit: If you violate the ULA, why can't Sony brick your console? Or instead of outright bricking it, why can't they turn off features like video playback, gaming, downloading, web browsing, etc - essentially rendering it useless but still able to power up.

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deadreckoning6662879d ago (Edited 2879d ago )

Me too. Those Uncharted 2 and Modern Warfare 2 cheaters don't deserve to game with honest gamers.

Zydake2879d ago

They hack in Uncharted 2 also????
I didn't know this.

Rage_S902879d ago

he's lying check his comment history

Silly gameAr2879d ago

No Uncharted 2 hackers that I've seen.

Dante1122879d ago (Edited 2879d ago )

What lol? Uncharted 2 hasn't been hacked, just MW2.

Edit: Nvm, one bubble. Thought you were serious.

EyeContact2879d ago

theres plenty of glitching in uncharted 2 but no hacking so far...

fooltheman2879d ago

I saw some guy out of the map once...but...I made him die quick

the_best_player2878d ago

might of been me lol

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Damn, this is gonna be hilarious!!!

Release the Kraken, Sony.

ProGrasTiNation2879d ago (Edited 2879d ago )

Banning for people hacking on the psn yes,for people who like control over their product & do not hack or cheat then NO!
There is always two sides of a hack,the people who want only good things for their purchased machine & the people who need guides to fcuk with everybodys good fun & discovery,dont just attack them all or it will end very bad!

JD_Shadow2878d ago

You do realize that this is N4G, right? NO one is going to actually agree with that (besides me). It's gotta be either one extreme or the other with them, without any middle, compromising ground. Sony can't seem to find that common ground, either, apparently. They can really take advantage of homebrew games without allowing the piracy or hacking to gain advantage in the games they play online.

There's something ELSE about this whole thing that Sony is scared of that they aren't telling anyone. People are forgetting that Sony isn't exactly the most transparent company that ever existed (neither is Microsoft, more to the point).

badz1492879d ago

"Banning for people hacking on the psn yes,for people who like control over their product & do not hack or cheat then NO!"

that is so very true. mod/hack/crack your PS3 all you want but don't you ever log in to PSN with your pirated games let alone screwing up others by cheating! the PSN is not there for pirates!

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Joni-Ice2879d ago

LOL. I hope every jailbroken PS3 EXPLODES.......BOOOOMMMMMMMMM.

eggbert2879d ago

I think the most they can legally do is IP ban the person.

I might be wrong though, but the EULA says they can take all measures possibles to prevent you from signing into PSN if you are found to be running modified hardware/firmware/software. Sounds like either they will ban the PS3 itself or ban the IP from accessing PSN.

nunley332879d ago

Sony needs to ban the mac address of every jailbroken PS3 cause hackers can always get another IP address.

blahblah2878d ago


lol, and if you access trough router you expose routers mac address. now... 99% of those allow you to change it in firmware settings. good luck with that

Joni-Ice2879d ago

With COD Black Ops still inside.

Dsnyder2879d ago

Time to ban the hackers.

Lucas252879d ago (Edited 2879d ago )

come on sony at least add a new feature.

gaden_malak2879d ago

If this bans jailbroken PS3s then it adds a new feature called honesty.

kanetheking2879d ago

looks like 4 ppl who disagree have not got that feature i wish they install that.

duplissi2879d ago

what about people who jailbroke their ps3s to see what it can do, what about those people who are honest, eh?

stop judging.....

gaden_malak2879d ago

"what about people who jailbroke their ps3s to see what it can do, what about those people who are honest, eh?"


nycredude2879d ago

I am updating now. Either this is a huge update or everyone is doing it at the same time.

kneon2879d ago

I just updated, download was 3 minutes, install 4 minutes, just like always. Maybe I missed the initial rush.