A Rewrite of IGN's Dead Space 2 Review

Let's be clear on what this is about: The English Language.

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NoBias2705d ago

This is still going on...?

insertcoin2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

Not only is this going on, it has been going on for years. It's about time that video game reviews get a wake-up call.

AndrewRyan2705d ago

^ This. IGN gets too much respect these days, for the late news and bad quality reviews they put out. Any second rate reviewing site is better then IGN. I say we put them in their place.

HolyOrangeCows2705d ago

LOL, IGN is just RACKING up hits with their DS2 review.

Can you imagine all of the people visiting the review? Then writing an article about it, causing MORE people to check it out?

Sev2705d ago

"This" is a lot different than what has been going on. Before it was only some bitching and criticizing - "this" is a complete rewrite of the review and comprehensive report on what's wrong with game reviews as a whole.

Trexman892705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

The initial reaction to his review seemed very immature. The main complaint was that his review was too subjective, which although is a problem, doesn't deserve all the name calling that was going on. I also agree with the author that most of the reddit corrections weren't right.

deadreckoning6662705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

LOL, Why are so many people concerned about what IGN is doing?

@Sev- Really? But how could they be the largest if all I hear on N4G is that they suck. Ud think more people would have caught on by now.

Sev2705d ago

They're the largest online publication on the 'net. Because of that, a certain level of quality should be present.

Kamikaze1352705d ago

People think Microsoft suck, people think Sony suck, etc. Sucking has nothing to do with being well known. Whatever people think of IGN, it's still one of the most popular gaming websites. All of this hating that people express only fuels their popularity.

Honestly, I think they do half the dumb things they do on purpose to get attention. I'd be doing the same thing if I ran the site, lol. "That game is getting nothing but 9s in reviews? Let's give it a 7 then sit back and watch our website traffic quadruple in the next 2 minutes bwahaha"

Lifewish2705d ago

it will go on forever my son

Joni-Ice2705d ago

Who cares seriouly. I dont care about IGN nor I care about what this site is saying about IGN. The topic should be about how great of a game Dead Space 2 is. We are missing the point. If I spoke Ebonics to explain how great Dead Space 2 was then so be it. As long as the point got across to you or the readers. Period!

dragunrising2704d ago

As long as there are bad reviews at Yes. Its a shame as I used to highly respect ign. I was premium member for 2 years and eventually canceled. Greg Miller is probably the worst, although he is hardly the exception.

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dbjj120882705d ago

Jeez they're morons.... I wonder who ghost wrote it for Greg Miller.

Silentmerc3nary2705d ago

Ugh..enough of this already.

We're gamers, not friggen English Professors.

mightyboot2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

This is about journalism itself that should be taken professionaly that´s only there´s to it.

If a guy takes a degree in journalism he should always act professional no matter the subject is about.

Kurt Russell2704d ago

What a load of nonsense. This isn't about journalism itself, it's about a bunch of bored nerds on the internet with too much time on their hands. If you don't like IGN, and feel their reporting is sloppy don't fucking read it... I don't give a fuck what religion you are, or your preferred breakfast; why do you think I give a toss about what journalists you like?

If I don't like something do you know what I do? I simple don't partake.

mightyboot2704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

@Kurt Russell Never said i didnt liked IGN (there´s my concern) oh and i like your crappy movies btw.

GSpartan7772705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

I don't think these reviewers understand the point the Reddit community was trying to make. Sure they came off strong calling him a middle schooler, but the fact that it was poorly written despite it just being "personal". The thing is that gaming "journalist" are being paid to do that job a lot of people in the community would love to do.

And when they deliver something like Greg Miller did, it pisses people. Look at N4G for example. All the terrible flame bait/N4G focused article that get released and are poorly written. It doesn't just upset people because their main purpose is to get hits and cause a flame wars, but that the some of the people writing that garbage actually get paid for it.

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