Misadventures in Pacing: FFXIII and Black Ops

What do Final Fantasy XIII and Black Ops have in common? Both are built around the assumption that all anyone wants is non-stop action. But has that made them better games or proven to be completely fallacious? Read on for an in depth look at both games and the casualties of this twisted design philosophy.

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HeavenlySnipes2880d ago


That game is by far the most boring game ever. Pressing the x button for autobattle because picking specific attacks takes too long isn't what I call nonstop action.

DevilsJoker2880d ago

Exactly what i was going to say, I love Final Fantasy and plowed through 13. So effing dull, I'm not going to open the article knowing they think that was non-stop action.

bradgrenz2880d ago

Well, then you'll never know how wrong you are about what the author (me) is saying. I mean, that's not even what the sentence in the description implies... Just because the developers were going for "non-stop action" doesn't mean I think they succeeded. So either read the article and complain about the contents or refrain from slagging off on something out of ignorance in the future.