Okay, That's It Ladies: Time To Buy A Playstation 3 "Men have some biological advantages over us: no periods, fewer reasons for needing toilet paper, the fact that baldness is so widespread that it has just become evolutionarily imperative that they develop identities apart from their looks... BUT. The idea that guys are just inherently better at processing certain sorts of information? (Ahem: how cars work?) It's all just shit they picked up playing videogames, according to a new study written up in the Economist."

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HandShandy3903d ago

Just because more men play games doesn't mean they are better. Women tend not to be obsessed by videogames - they would rather buy pairs of shoes and talk about rubbish they watch on E4.

I've got a chick on my PSN list who kicks my ass on every online game I play. She's a geek though.

Although men tend to be better at the forward black and white thinking and concentration required for a video game. The multi-lateral thinking of a woman can be suited better to different genres such as an RTS.

DiLeCtioN3903d ago

ive got one in my clan(rfom) and psn she owns alot of guys online ive witnessed.,,,the only difference with this girl is shes actually pretty and plays games good.

nasim3903d ago (Edited 3903d ago )

WOWHAWK,HS and LAIR----- 3 great games out in SEPTEMBER

HS defines the action genre

WOWHAWK defines the MP genre.

UNCHARTED,HAZE,UT3,GT5 prologue, HOME,FOLKLORE,MINNA GOLF,RATCHET and CLANK ----2007 is a great year to own a ps3


no one buys the x360 except some tards in NA.

x360 is dead in JAPAN as well as EU.

It is just a matter before knocks out wii from top spot in NA,EU and JAPAN

in EU and JAPAN ps3 is already outselling x360 10:1 and 3:1 . In EU ps3 is selling as good as the wii

bootsielon3903d ago

It just happens that men have better hand-eye coordination than women. Furthermore, it also happens that men are better at mathematical/spatial/mechanica l skills, while women are better at social/verbal/emotional.

It's not something good or bad. We're just different. And where there is equality of rights (and obligations), there should be respect (and recognition) of those differences.

Bnet3433903d ago

or Xbox 360 if they want to join the Frag Dolls. I don't know about PS3, maybe in Japan.

chrno3903d ago (Edited 3903d ago )

you are wrong my friend, there are actually quite a lot of girls that are jrpg fans, as I personally know a few. Jrpg is actually quite popular among girl gamers. And we all know that the greatest jrpg will be on the ps3...fact.

Bnet3433903d ago

That's why I said maybe in Japan. I don't think the PS3's current library is up the american girls alley.

Danman353903d ago

I have never met a girl that was good at games but I'm sure there out there somewhere.

Goshyujin_Sama3903d ago (Edited 3903d ago )

all day in games. Haha, although I do know some great wow gamer babes, but when it comes to warhawk/Tekken 5 dark res, dont eeeeeven try. I love the laddies, but honestyl, they just are not very good at FPS, driving, and fighting games. Actually my girl owns me in sudoku and games like that, but thats about it.

SmokeyMcBear3903d ago

yeah.. had a girl in my old clan in counterstrike, she was hella good.. and she would get harassed all day.

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