How 5th Cell follows Naughty Dog's lead with Hybrid

"Expect the unexpected" may be a cliche all but robbed of meaning by overuse, but it's also a pretty helpful way of understanding the path of Scribblenauts developer 5th Cell. Creative director Jeremiah Slaczka explained why the studio's choice of Hybrid, a team-based shooter, isn't such an odd one for the up-to-now kid-friendly studio. Now that we have a slightly better understanding of Hybrid's persistent, ongoing, massively multiplayer war, we're starting to get where he's coming from.

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Burning_Finger2458d ago

You have to learn from the best if you want to succeed.

Parapraxis2458d ago (Edited 2458d ago )

Looking forward to more previews. For an XBLA title it looks pretty great.

theafroman2458d ago

i wish this was on psn 5th cell is a amazing developer.

Troll_Police2458d ago

All devs should follow the Naughty Gods leads.

Aarix2458d ago

Spoken like a true fanboy

Gambit072458d ago

They need to change the title, hybrid is way too much associated with cars now.

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