More Gear for Gears of War 3

n this day and age in the industry, there is practically no highly anticipated game that can hit stores without specially branded gaming gear to match the latest title destined to fly off the shelf. Halo: Reach, Black Ops, and Fable III are the most recent titles that grace , not only our 360′s disc tray, but everything around it from the controller in our hands or headsets glued onto our ears. Heck, even Tron managed to push out some well built custom controllers.

So it’s no surprise that today Mad Catz announced that a whole new “range of accessories” themed around Epic Game’s Gears of War 3 are hitting store shelves this holiday season.

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aviator1892705d ago

If this is about gears, why is there a picture of halo reach themed stuff?

halo3blogs2705d ago

Because the article mentions Halo Reach gear being available this year. Also there is no actual Gears of War 3 gear available yet.

2v12704d ago

yea got save for that 60+ if i want play online fee,that make the game for some 120+$dlls.

gamingdroid2704d ago

If that is the only reason you are buying Xbox Live Gold for.

I buy it, because I enjoy using the platform and what it offers more than other free options and I do play more than one game.

ilovehorror22704d ago

get that halo shit off and show us some new gears of war 3 pictures