EA and Sony partner on Dead Space 2 campaign

‘This is the first triple-A launch of 2011,’ says publisher; PS3 edition gets marketing focus. EA has teamed-up with Sony to make Dead Space 2 the first ‘must have’ game of the year.

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OGharryjoysticks2879d ago

The Extraction game included has good graphics. I wasn't expecting that considering it came from the Wii. On the Wii version it must be the best graphics on the Wii

Nitrowolf22879d ago (Edited 2879d ago )

Can't wait to get this game. I'm a bit empty after LBP2 and ME2.

I find this relationship somewhat funny. Microsoft has a good relationship with Activision, and EA seems to have the exact same thing with Sony. And it's funny because if you know anything, EA biggest competitor is Activision and vice versa. Both Sony and MS have exclusive contents with them.

Activision= MS

although both are supporting the other side still, they are giving one side more then the other.

Just look at the advertisment in US for Dead Space 2. It's starts out with the PS3 tune and logo and no mention of the 360 version.

Same exact thing happened with MW2 and Black Ops only for 360.

That's what i am thinking might happen, or SONY/MS might buy some of the Studios that EA/Activisions own.

perhaps 3rd Party console exclusive games might return from these companies.

I don't really care, 360 can have COD. Of course i don't speak for everyone though.

Quagmire2879d ago (Edited 2879d ago )

Would be cool if EA and Sony Merged. That way PS3 owners will exclusively have all the great EA titles like Fight Night, Crysis, Mass Effect, Dead Space, Dragon Age, Medal Of Honor, Need For Speed, etc.

And then if Activision and Microsoft merged they would get....Call of Duty, and....


mrv3212879d ago

EA backed Sony ofter Sega, the dreamcast failed
EA are backing Sony now.

guigsy2879d ago

I don't see that happening anytime soon. EA just gave Microsoft an exclusive Crysis 2 demo.

Persistantthug2879d ago

Crysis 2 belongs to CRYTEK.

EA is the publisher-distributor, but it's under the EA Partners program.

Crytek made the advertising deal with Microsoft.

Soldierone2879d ago

Yeah and what a good trade lol. I rather have EA over Activision anyday of the week. Other than COD what will be big for Acti and MS? Compared to the entire sports, shooters, and other games EA has?

The cool thing is Sony didn't have to publicly pay millions of dollars either. EA has just always been supporters since PS2, and while it started to slide, they came back.

The real killer2879d ago (Edited 2879d ago )

If EA is Sony, why look all those multiplat the same?

If Microsft paid those third party developers big money to look the games the same?

That would be big plot

badz1492879d ago

"EA backed Sony ofter Sega, the dreamcast failed"'re far off dude! EA has always been with sony! the reason the Sega DC failed was because EA not supporting it at all and EA was the biggest publisher at that time!

ASTAROTH2879d ago

I dont know you guys but if you look for biased reviews look no further than Dead Space 2.

Come on the PS3 version has a complete game as a bonus. A game thats one of the best on Wii and is better on PS3. The MOVE implementation is fantastic. The game cost you $15 on PSN, but comes free with every copy of the game...

Yet reviewers didnt mention it or they dont rate the PS3 version higher because of exclusive extra content. They dont even tell the PS3 version is the best buy for your money.

The worst is that the same reviewers celebrates and gave higher scores when a 360 version of a game has one more multiplayer map or an exclusive time DLC. Im really tired of these guys. Nobody mention how good and how big Extraction was as an adition. Fortunately I tried for myself!!

Seferoth752879d ago

Probably because they already played it? Probably figure anyone interested in it already has unless they are single console owners. No reason to rate a game higher because some people didnt play a game and now get it for free. Game wasnt really that good anyway. There is a good reason they are giving it away after all and not charging you for it.

AntoineDcoolette2879d ago

Also notice the Assassin's Creed Brotherhood commercial? It only mentions Ps3

DigitalRaptor2879d ago

That's true really.

Sony and EA have always had a really strong relationship.

And it kind of speaks for itself that EA are a more respectable company than Activision. Whilst Sony are a more respectable company than MS.

And I would much rather buy games published by EA, than the crap that Activision rolls out. Activision is seriously the lowest of the low in terms of publishing. A plague of mainstream mediocrity.

EA supports new IP awareness: Mirror's Edge, Bad Company, Dante's Inferno, Dead Space, Medal of Honor, Skate, Rock Band, Mass Effect, Dragon Age. Of course they do have a few milked franchises, but they are supportive of a lot of fresh and unique content. That's respectable.

Activision: Guitar Hero, Call of Duty, Guitar Hero expansion #2, MW2, DJ Hero... the milked and equally crappy Spyro and Crash Bandicoot games that are no longer any good.

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Zydake2879d ago

Extraction is included on the CE only or is it also in the standard? Was thinking of picking up a copy.

Quagmire2879d ago

Standard has a demo of Extraction, Limited and Collector's has full game

DaThreats2879d ago

LBP2 was the first AAA title

Achemki2879d ago

Yeah, LBP2 beat it by a week. Even DCUO is selling out and that came out even earlier. Does EA even do market research?

Nitrowolf22879d ago

either they are dumb
the quote was written wrong
they meaning from themselves, that this is their first Triple A title this year.

BBAM2879d ago

was about to say the same, rather arrogant on EA's part; LBP2 is an amazing game!

Soldierone2879d ago

Dead Space's market value is way bigger. Its multi play and rated Mature, along with being a shooter that was made with millions of dollars in mind.

Im not saying LBP2 or any game are bad.

NYC_Gamer2879d ago (Edited 2879d ago )

might as well promote the one with all the content

negroguy2879d ago

With LBP2 and buying DCUO (expecting to renew after first month) Dead space will have to wait. Killzone 3 is less than a month and that has priority right now but maybe i will find $60 laying on the street......

rjgbyrne2879d ago

They could have easily done extraction with Kinect too but didn't. I reckon its a Sony paid extra but all in all, I wouldn't be annoyed by the Xbox not getting this content but I would be very disappointing as a Wii owner that EA have given a Full-Priced, apparently exclusive game with HD graphics and Move update. That has got to hurt whatever fanbase EA has left on the console. I don't understand why EA is going down this path or the MK Kratos Exclusive Character but MS better hurry up and even the playing field on this one, sooner rather than later. I bet MS and Ninty would be very cautious about all future EA projects for their consoles, Mass Effect was a big loss, although I am happy for PS3 gamers to play it they should have the first one too, its part of the experience and EA will end up again the most hated company for playing this game.

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