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"When Wii-exclusive Extraction first hit Nintendo's system back in 2009, much of Dead Space's mythology was still shrouded in mystery. Despite a straight-to-video prequel (showing Ishimura before the events of the original game), a comic mini-series (detailing the fall of Aegis VII), and Isaac Clarke's traumatizing journey through hell on board the ship itself, the narrative motivations of Unitology (and moreover why the church wanted the Marker in the first place) weren't revealed yet. Now it's 2011, Dead Space 2 has just come out and some details have been revealed—though not as many as you might think. Nevertheless, since Visceral has seen fit to re-release Extraction with Dead Space 2 and on PSN—complete with a slick new HD overhaul and Move compatibility—it's worth revisiting this early chapter in the series mythos, both from a technical standpoint as well as from a narrative one."

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Omar912547d ago

i would have to try this game out. im just to busy with dead space 2 right now to even jump to extraction lol

Kakihara2547d ago

Just tried the demo with the Move controller and I really liked it. The voice acting is laughably bad but it's a lot of fun and still has that Dead space atmosphere.

nevin12547d ago

I just completed the demo 1 min ago as of this writing and I must say I dont like it. I dont control the movement of the player while the combat isnt satisfying. I thought this game was more like House of The Dead?