1UP: PSP2 Press Conference - Liveblog from Japan

1UP: Sony is holding a press event in Japan this week, and while they won't tell us what it's about, it is more or less confirmed that they will be officially unveiling the PSP2.

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Burning_Finger2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

This is going to be bigger than 3DS. I can't for E3 and TGS for Sony's PSP2 line up games.

Blaine2705d ago

Wait... "More or less confirmed"?? O_O

My sanity has been hanging on by the thread that I'd be seeing this thing tomorrow--but it might not happen. :(

gameforall2705d ago

It would be funny if this announcement has nothing to do with the PSP2.

mushroomwig2705d ago

Just imagine the articles!

'Sony fail once again'


eggbert2705d ago

it'd be funny if they just announced a ps3 price cut or something instead of a PSP2.

Natsu892705d ago

How about a pricecut + psp2? Not that bad right?

rockleex2705d ago

Even a PS3 price cut would be pretty huge.

And for Sony to keep it from being leaked for so long would be a first!