Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition Unlocked Characters To Be Re-Locked

"The Capcops are coming! The Capcops are coming!". They sure did. It was only a matter of days before Capcom dropped the hammer on our local arcade asking the owner to relock the unlocked Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition characters, Oni Akuma and Evil Ryu.

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akatsuky672848d ago

capcom has 2 be seriously joking can they just release the characters for consoles.

Faro2845d ago

Still waiting on clarification regarding that. The characters will be available on console. The format is what's uncertain. Hard disc vs DLC. As for the characters relocked, seems like it's an issue in the West Coast. Our local arcade still has the characters unlocked. We updated the article. Thx for reading (^__^)