Handheld Hysteria: Drawing Back the Curtain on Portable Pricing

Is the 3DS too expensive? How can the PSP2 possibly be affordable? What happens if they cost the same price? While the Internet is in a tizzy over these very questions, it's worth it to take a realistic look at what handheld devices cost to build in order to inject some reason into the debate.

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Stealth20k2880d ago

Considering this guy knows nothing of the 3ds, its a troll article

the battery is as good as the dsi battery
the launch window has 2 ports confirmed in it which is better than the ds

and the psp2 will be priced higher

Tolkoto2880d ago

I don't think there's anything wrong with someone making some well reasoned and analyzed predictions.

jony_dols2880d ago (Edited 2880d ago )

@Stealth: Please provide a link which says the PSP2 is going to cost more than the 3DS.

Nintendo have taken a leap forward and for once are trying to create powerful tech for their new handheld, but they have to source most of their tech externally, which is expensive.

Sony however make use of their in house facilities, e.g. OLED screen tech from Bravia & Eriksson, and that assistance dramatically reduces R&D costs on the new PSP.

And Sony knows all too well the consequences of charging to much at launch e.g. PS3.

they would probably prefer to sell at a loss for the first year or two, to claim some of Nintendo's market share.

I would not be surprised if the PSP2 launched anywhere between $249-349....

bradgrenz2880d ago

I'm not sure how you figure 3-5 hours at the lowest brightness for the 3DS is the same as 8-12 hours at the lowest brightness for the DSi.

And it remains to be seen what the PSPs's price will be, so let's not pretend we already know.

illegalyouth2880d ago

I'm hoping for a lower price on the PSP2. The 3DS is already too expensive for me.

Masterchef20072879d ago

If sony releases the PSP2 for 250$ that could spur some serious competetion. But if what the article says is right then nintendo can drop the 3DSs price when ever they want 2.