The PSP2 is "Developer-Friendly"

Yesterday revealed some specs of the soon-to-be-announced PSP2. It's now the turn for a developer to talk about the system, describing it as "developer-friendly"

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Warprincess1162727d ago

That great. That means more games could come out on the psp2. This is how nintendo dominated the handheld market. It was not expensive to make games on the ds. So if this is true, games will frequently be coming out on the psp2. I seriously think nintendo defiantly gone to have compettion.

Stealth20k2727d ago

nintendo wins every handheld gen.

ugo2727d ago

yet psp managed to sell 65 million hardware

GodHandDee2727d ago

for a name like that your actions aren't very 'stealth' based

StbI9902727d ago

Yet Sony won every console gen till that virgin mind kid, anything can happen.

digitaledge2727d ago

Sony won 2 console gens - not EVERY. You do know that consoles were around before Sony, don't you?

StbI9902727d ago (Edited 2727d ago )

Where did sony started? since the ps1 ight? creating what we can call console race/competition furthermore generation of CONSOLES, do I need to state there was a gen before that?, cus sincerely, wouldn't call it a gen myself but a nintendo dictatorship.

Thank you & say again? btw, I'm on the game since the NES, so no need to smear bit of info nobody need.

Arnon2727d ago (Edited 2727d ago )

What about Atari and Sega just to name a few? I'm pretty sure they were competing with Nintendo long before Sony even thought of the PlayStation. You sure you've been gaming since the NES, because that was a pretty silly comment.

Jio2727d ago

Lets hope its wallet friendly

mushroomwig2727d ago

Come on, you know Sony and their launch prices.

Jio2727d ago

Yea, but I still hope for the day sony learns a better pricing strategy

MGRogue20172727d ago (Edited 2727d ago )

I've already decided that I'm going to buy it on day one.

Burning_Finger2727d ago

Lets just hope that PSP2 will not be infested with a lot of Shovelware.

mrv3212727d ago

Dual tegra chips? A quad core machine, 1.2 GHZ with the extra size maybe a 1.4GHz, Tegra 3D.

Burning_Finger2727d ago (Edited 2727d ago )

Its a Fing beast for a handheld. My mouth is foaming already in anticipation. :) This is going to be day 1 and a must have for me.

mrv3212727d ago

Just think the current PSP ran at 333Mhz didn't it, had limited ram etc... imagine what 512mb of video ram would do for those texture.... now I'm foaming.

Here's my ideal system

2 Tegra 3D chip ( THAT'S 4 CORE ) 1.4GHz
512MB of dedicated video RAM
iPhone 4 quality screen
Touch screen
OLED ( The colours on OLED look great )
2 analogue
1 SD card slot upto 64GB with an inbuilt 32GB
2 cameras, a 1MP front 7 MP rear
1 audio in
1 HDMi out
1 Blu-tooth
1 Android 3.0, WITH VLC as it's media player

Ju2727d ago

Doubt more and more that Sony will use a Tegra. Quad Tegra is not out before end of 2011. Sources say the latest PowerVR in a Quad config is possible; or at least another SMP version of an existing SGX family chip. Quad ARM is also unlikely. Whatever they come up with, all those rumors, nothing in that performance level is actually available off the shelf. I want to see something nobody else has, maybe Sony can deliver again.

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The story is too old to be commented.