Nintendo Encourages Game Pirates

CVG went to Nintendo’s 3DS event in Amsterdam last week. they spoke to two high-up UK Nintendo guys, David Yarnton and James Honeywell, about the 3DS’s anti-piracy tech. Find out what happen.

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Dante1122854d ago (Edited 2854d ago )

"Yarnton: “We can’t divulge any technical details on that but needless to say this is probably one of our best pieces of equipment in that respect. There are a lot of things we’ve learnt over time to try and improve the security and protection – not only of our IP but of our third-party publishers’ IP as well.

”Honeywell: “I think perhaps there’s been a ‘heyday of piracy’ and we’ve now seen a lot of rules come in to stop it.

”And Yarnton once more: “Recently there have been a couple of rulings with R4s where people have been found guilty and had quite significant sentences against them. This now makes a precedent that potentially in the future it won’t be a viable thing for people to do.”

SpoonyRedMage2854d ago

Sometimes it's alright to boast and sometimes it best to just keep yer trap shut.

This wasn't the time to boast.

Warprincess1162854d ago

Hopefully, the psp2 is unhackable.

toaster2853d ago

Yeah, just like the PS3. Wait a minute....

Silly gameAr2853d ago

Let's just hope people won't resort to thief just to hack the NGP like they did the PS3.

NYC_Gamer2854d ago

people will be all lined up trying to crack the 3DS now

PSjesus2854d ago

obviously thx to R4 DS sold every where,even 3DS got hacked before
it's release remind me of the way MS taken with 360 to be popular