Dead Space 2 Review [Game Revolution]

"Missteps aside, Dead Space 2 has some of the most beautiful art and sound design ever in a game, and for that reason alone it deserves your attention." ~ Jesse Costantino

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TryingToHabeeb2880d ago

The original game scared the crap out of me. Definitely picking this one up!

Sev2880d ago

Agreed. Scary shit right there.

I agree with this review - the sound is incredible. If you're not playing with some serious speakers/receiver/subwoofer then you're not getting the full experience.

MadMax2880d ago

B+? What site is this and who are they? This game deserves a full 10 outta 10!!! Its even better than the first one and i absolutely loved the first one! Go get this game and get it fast.

The first batch of retail PS3 versions, come with bonus HD version extraction game. Light gun game that was on the Wii awhile back. Im glad i held off on it for the Wii.

Volpone2880d ago

Multiplayer? Seriously? Ugh.

DaBadGuy2880d ago

I'm on my second playthrough already. It's a great game.

stormeagle62880d ago

Not playing cause I'm too scurred.

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