New MLB 2K11 Trailer Reveals New Game Mechanic

2K Sports has released an all-new trailer for MLB 2K11 showcasing on the game's new features, Dynamic Player Rating, which will give a new layer of reality to the franchise.

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RockmanII72540d ago

Stick to basketball 2K, your baseball games suck

realplayer822539d ago

Meh the Show kills this game in every way...

Dellis2539d ago

MLB THE SHOW 11 is the only game for true MLB fans

2K give up the License and let EA get back in

the game.

skeletonss2539d ago

i used to like the show better. but 2k kills it.

felix882539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

I'm still waiting for my next MVP, it can happen, right, right ?

RockmanII72537d ago

Damn well better happen, I'm gonna be pissed if it doesn't. MVP was my favorite sports series until it got canned because of that stupid licensing agreement.