Crysis 2: Nvidia confirms DirectX 11

While Xbox 360 users may play the Crysis 2 multiplayer demo, PC players are still uncertain if the upcoming shooter will feature graphics beyong console capabilities. Now Nvidia may deliver the proof that Crysis 2 will feature DX11 and tessellation - according to the source.

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ATiElite2881d ago

Crytek was just waiting for a hand out from either AMD or Nvidia. Nvidia ponied up the cash so Crysis 2 PC will have the Nvidia TWIMTBP splash screen and be coded to hinder AMD cards from running it as well as AMD. They may even throw some cheap Nvidia Physx into it to help with the marketing ploy.

Crysis 2 PC was DX11 from the start.

NYC_Gamer2881d ago

i believe Nvidia has put 2 million behind this game

aaaaaaaaa2880d ago

£2m WOW thats gona be a big spanner for ATI card's to carry :(

ugabugaz2881d ago

Seems like my ATI Card will be screwed. Shame, because I ran the original Crysis fairly well on my laptop.

Theonik2881d ago (Edited 2881d ago )

It doesn't have to be a ploy, if the game is heavily tessellated Nvidia has a performance advantage in the bag due to their superior architecture. (and i'd wager Crysis 2 will use tessellation to a great extent) If anything Nvidia is smart in advertising their products that way since Crysis 2 will be the game that everyone will be using with benchmarks for a couple of years after it hits.

ATiElite2881d ago (Edited 2881d ago )

Nvidia does not have a superior Tessellation advantage to AMD HD 6000 cards. Maybe two or 4 FPS but that's it and to back up my statements i'm gonna provide some Unigine Heaven 2.1 Tessellation benchmarks.

Here are two sets of Unigine Heaven benchmarks and pay attention to the 1920 X 1080 or higher resolutions (cause that's Full HD) and you will see The AMD card within 4 FPS of the Nvidia card.


Now lets look at MAXXED OUT GAMING PERFORMANCE. I'm talking 2560 x 1600 8xAA and 16xAF all settings Ultra HIGH. You will see the true big dog here.


Nvidia makes a great card but AMD is just as great in performance unless Nvidia applies the "TWIMTBP" PLOY on a game.

TABSF2881d ago

Sorry ATiElite

Your links are Unigine Heaven 2.1 with Normal Tessellation

Here is Unigine Heaven 2.1 with Extreme Tessellation

zag2881d ago (Edited 2881d ago )

The game is going to flop on the PC.

It'll have been only made for the 360 and anything else that runs it won't be all that crash hot.

Saying a game runs on DX11 doesn't mean much other than it'll require Win 7 and won't run on any other windows as they can't get DX11.

Pandamobile2881d ago

Wow, you clearly don't know much.

Supporting DX11 doesn't mean they're NOT supporting DX9 or 10.

You probably don't even know that you can use DX11 on Vista.

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mastahmind2881d ago

NOOOOOO i'm screwed.. 5790..
the first game that would make my card sweat will not be properly coded for it,

zag2881d ago

Err, Yes.... your screwed because your GFX card already does DX11.

mastahmind2881d ago

yes it does but if you turn on tesselation the fps will drop because its enhanced for nvidia and that sux

GrumpyVeteran2881d ago

Nvidia's tessellation architecture isn't that superior to AMD 69xx series to be honest, only code purposefully screwing over AMD cards would show such results.

However, AMD has included a new tessellate feature in their CCC, so we may see some interesting tricks in the future.

Still, really hate Nvidia's business model. Hope they go bust.

ct032881d ago (Edited 2881d ago )

Maybe you should take a look at some benchmarks. Heaven with highest tesselation, HAWX 2, Stonegiant. The 69 series is pretty far behind.

Edit: Here's a quick link

GrumpyVeteran2881d ago (Edited 2881d ago )

Haha using HAWX 2 to prove your point. You're a dick.

It was proven that HAWX 2 was NOT supposed to be used to benchmark the AMD card range due to its heavy bias towards Nvidia. There were NUMEROUS articles stating that and how AMD told about Nvidia's involvement in HAWX 2.

Fuck off, ct03. Don't try again.

Darkfocus2881d ago

it's not worse at tess, it just works better with a more realistic amount. also have you looked at the amount of electricity it use's compared to the other cards on that bench you listed lol.

ct032881d ago

Jeeeeeeeez, if you don't like this benchmark, then use Google and look at others. They all confirm the same thing.

Anandtech 6970 Review:

High Tesselation GTX 580 = 1027
High Tesselation 6970 = 499

GrumpyVeteran2881d ago (Edited 2881d ago )

Yeah man, provide some random miscellaneous picture while you're at it to try and prove a point in vain.

You sir, absolutely and utterly fail. GTFO the internet.

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tdrules2881d ago

LOL at AMD users.
its a marketing ploy from NVIDIA I assure you.

ct032881d ago

Why are you freaking out? The first Crysis ran fine on AMD cards. Personally, I prefer Nvidia for Physx and Cuda, but none of this is in Crysis 2, so it doesn't matter which card you own.

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