Conduit 2: Wii's best shooter?

ONM writes: You've got to admit that High Voltage did a great job of hyping up the Conduit, even if it couldn't live up to it. Has High Voltage got it right this time? Is Conduit 2 the Wii's best shooter?

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tunaks12879d ago

it could be,
but recently its gotten more crowded,
goldeneye, BOs, Reflex, and the still stellar Metroid Prime Trilogy.

Seferoth752879d ago

True but Conduit 2 will have voice chat something all those games lacked. Not that its a stand out feature I've got it on PC and rarely use it but it will be a nice addition that might help it be a bit better than the rest.

tunaks12879d ago

i guess, but Black Ops does have chat with anyone and no friend codes, I wonder if C2 will have the same.

rumplstilts2874d ago (Edited 2874d ago )

Not a huge amount of competition, but it does have quite a few more features than most of the competition.

Also it is the only sci-fi one and that gets huge bonus marks from me.