DualShockers RetroShockers Snobcast ep1: Evolution of the Handheld, Freeware Games, Ball Physics

DualShockers: Welcome to the first episode of the Retroshockers Snobcast! In this new show Allen Park, John Colaw and I are joined by some very special guests bi-weekly to discuss retro games, indie titles and anything else that doesn’t get much coverage elsewhere.

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Chadness2879d ago

I still have my original Game Boy, but the battery cover is missing. Ahh, the memories.

Hitman07692879d ago

DualShockers always puts forth a good podcast.

@Chadness I still have my GameBoy Color lol.

Looking forward to hearing about the latest Indie topics here as well as a look back on retro games and the generally obscure.

Ninferno2879d ago

What a great podcast. Great listen.

allenhpark2879d ago

LAME, everyone knows games made before 2005 are inferior in every way.

thevokillist2879d ago

Awesome stuff guys. Looks forward to more episodes.

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