Why We Need Xbox for Enterprises

Microsoft Xbox 360 is a toy for teen slackers who want to waste their youth immersed in war-game bloodbath fantasies, right?
Well, er, right. But it could be oh, so much more.

The reality is that Xbox is a very powerful PC, and one recently enhanced with the user interface of the future: gestures.

Gesture-based computing is going to take over the world from WIMP computing, which is the acronym for windows, icons, menus and pointing devices.

Gestures control current devices like the Microsoft Surface table, as well as Apple iPhones, iPods, iPads and the dozens of iPad imitators announced at CES.

And, of course, gestures control Microsoft Kinect for Xbox 360.

Gestures now rule everything around the edges of computing, but not mainstream computing -- the desktop PC is still all WIMP, all the time for most of us.

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