Where’s The Stars Wars Video Game?

Ever since the release of Atari’s Star Wars game in 1983, there has been a plethora of video games based on the actual films ever since.

Isn’t kind of strange though, as we fast forward to today and there are no Star Wars games based on the actual movies themselves?

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CobraKai2705d ago

They should bring Star Wars Arcade to Move. I never got to that prescripted Vader fight

jbl3162705d ago

Yea, that's a good idea. I never go to that part too lol...

jbl3162705d ago was too hard for me to get there.

Although I only had enough money to put in one coin each time I played the game. Too bad it's not at the arcade place I used to visit anymore

sjaakiejj2705d ago

There was one based on revenge of the sith.... And the Phantom Menace too

tunaks12705d ago

Super Star wars on SNES
Episode 1 on ps1
pod racer on n64
rebel strike series (re caps space battles)
Episode II on gbc
Episode III on all systems

gcolley2705d ago

maybe because the movies have been flogged to death. i for one am over them. will not be wasting any more money on the movies that's for sure, i'm talking to you blu-ray. the only way is to expand on the universe, which is where there is room for creativity. cashing in on the movies has gotten old and boring.

we need another good starwars fps.

andrew1719942705d ago

ya thats bull they should make a new game like battlefront w/ move that would make me soo happy

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The story is too old to be commented.