'Halo 3' Hype Builds

'Halo 3' Hype Builds

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ShiftyLookingCow3743d ago

"is "BioShock" — one of the most distinctive games in ages — really suited for sequels? Here's a better idea for Take-Two: Give creative director Ken Levine and his team as much money and time as they need to keep coming up with fresh, innovative games. We'll buy them."

Lightning Mr Bubbles3743d ago

Because now you guys are just saying the same crap over and over.

iceice1233743d ago

When the same thing was happening with Killzone 2 stories at E3? I really doubt you did ^_^

navysealrb3743d ago

Shut up you stupid xbot. We get it! halo 3 is coming, but we dont need every little thing about it posted... *reads the head line "Halo 3 gets a new skin color! pink for [email protected]!"*