Killzone 3 reviewed in French OPSM

The French Official PlayStation Magazine has reviewed Killzone 3. Guerrilla's FPS has got a great score : 19 out of 20.

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Shanks2733d ago

19/20 = 9.5/10
Great score!

mugoldeneagle032733d ago

Why cant it be Feb 22 quicker? Limited Edition with the SOCOM beta? It doesn't get much better than that

lociefer2733d ago

godamnit another AAA my fuckin wallet !!! na im just kiddin keep em coming :P goodjob guerilla

Hoje03082733d ago

Yep, gonna buy a game I planned on getting the second it's available anyway, and getting a beta code for another game I plan on buying day one. Awesome sauce!

garos822733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

i know this will be flagged as trolling but i dont care. i saw it somewhere and made me laugh so here i am sharing the laughter
"My people, Sons and daughters of Sony, This much we know. The history of this generation will be written in exclusives, by crushing the armies of Microsoft, by seizing the map packs they fought to turn against us, we were fighting for our own exclusives. But if there are those who would deny us free online, refuse us our rightful place in gaming. Then we will unleash such Amazing exclusives, that morons playing xbox 360, will cry out in anguish!"

ps there is a new video released on the offical playstatio facebook fanpage showing the helghan jungle in multiplayer mode. i havent seen it yet here on n4g. it looks as though the colour pallete criticisms the first game received will go out the window. i wonder what the gaming media will nit pick for this...

edit:just seen the video now posted on the main page. i think the facebook one is slightly shorter and has a few different scenes from the same map. i could be wrong

LarVanian2733d ago

Lol I quite enjoyed that!

2733d ago
SpitFireAce852733d ago

Awesome score for a awesome game cant wait to
try out the MP beta/demo on Feb 2nd...

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gijsbrecht2733d ago

Love the cover. Don't care much for review scores anymore, but 19/20 sounds nice.

Alpha_Gamer2733d ago

Damn, looks like another AAA release this year. Day one.

hoops2733d ago

Damn these lucky bastards get to play the game early! EVILLLLLLLLL ;)

HeavenlySnipes2733d ago

anticipated FPS. Can't wait for the open beta to get myself prepared for the 22nd.

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The story is too old to be commented.