2011: Is Microsoft Drifting Into Insignificance?

Microsoft has developed a very special talent to shoot itself in the foot and I am wondering what happened to the company that has commoditized computers with passion and unusual ideas for the future of computing?
We do not want to turn this into a rant and uncontrollable discussion about Microsoft products that are, depending on your view, either great or simply suck. However, since Steve Ballmer's keynote at CES 2011 earlier this month we have been wondering whether Microsoft has turned into a black hole for great ideas. What was the latest great idea of Microsoft that truly departed from what we are used to in the mainstream anyway?

Right, that would be Kinect. However, there is a good chance that Microsoft could kill Kinect before it can even open the doors to a future controller-less world. On a personal level, and from my view as a someone who has a lot of respect for Microsoft's past, it is rather upsetting to read a condescending opinion piece by a Microsoft blogger that...

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Counter Strike2731d ago

Cant wait for tomorrow earnings results hahaha

The Iron Sheik2731d ago

Right that's why we all got into gaming. Earnings results.

DualConsoleOwner2731d ago

Idc if MS makes 1 trillion dollars. it wont change the fact that there's no games.

gamer20102730d ago

PS3 has no games. Let's just pretend all consoles have no games despite the fact that there will dozens and dozens of games released for each platform this year. Make believe is fun.

roflcopters2730d ago

"it wont change the fact that there's no games."

jaosobno2730d ago

You must be a shareholder to get this excited.

Or perhaps just an insignificant fanboy.

Anon19742731d ago Show
Godmars2902731d ago

Think it depends on how or if they can translate the PC/Kinect hacks towards Xbox/Kinect applications. How well the second or third wave of Kinect titles are received. As well as weather or not they can manage to stroking the damn thing and properly support the 360.

younglj012730d ago

I hope not bc MS and Xbox is making Sony bring their A game.Just look at tha PSP 2 and tell me MS not thinking of a way to counter it.

MintBerryCrunch2730d ago

how exactly?

Nintendo would have been a more appropriate company to use in that scenario

younglj012729d ago

tbh i dont care about nintendo.ppl act like MS cant make a handheld console.i know they have kinect atm but what if they come out at E3 with a handheld what would u say then?

MintBerryCrunch2729d ago

$500 million for an ad budget....when was the last time MS spent money on proper projects that people are looking forward to? and no timed exclusive DLC is not in any way something to look forward to...waste of money imo...MS is too focused on WHEN someone gets content instead of acquiring exclusive deals/games

N4OGs2730d ago

pc, sony and nintendo is all you need. MS can go die for all I care and you wii owners and ps3 owners and pc owners need to say the same thing because M$ fanboys will back stab you in a heartbeat. Keep letting them get away with this bs and we all we be paying 60 dollars for online and have no exclusives and no controller.

Yes_22730d ago

And who makes the PCs?

GamingBuddha092730d ago

Sony, Samsung, HP, Apple, etc etc etc. MS is a software company last i checked

insomnium22730d ago

OK everyone look at N4OGs's comment and then look how many agrees he has (0) and look at how many disagrees he has (5). Yeah sure this site is run by sonyfanboys right?

FailOverHero2730d ago

Even sony fans know his comment(not him, so not a personal attack) is retarded

GrumpyVeteran2730d ago

Yeah, we need MS for Windows.

Very few AAA games run on a different OS than windows without tacky emulation.

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