Tales of Graces F new site reveal a date

Since a couple of days, Rich Bantegui alias Filthierich, has been posting hints about a new NamcoBandai game. It seems that there's an update to the site previously given by Rich. A date of 2.2.2011 is given. Maybe an incoming official announcement of Tales of Graces F localization or the official release date.

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Warprincess1162877d ago

Yay, finally. I hope they bring tales to the u.s.

Reibooi2877d ago (Edited 2877d ago )

I really hope this is the PS3 version though. Awhile back there was that rumor that a Wii version of Tales of Graces F might to coming out in the west and I would HATE to see that happen.

I mean yeah it's great to see a tales game period but the reason the franchise has had alot of trouble in the west in my opinion is bandai always putting the games on the wrong console.

I mean Vesperia would have sold 3x as much if not more had it been released on the PS3 during the time frame it was released and there are still a ton of fans who would be willing to buy the PS3 version if it ever came out. The PS3 audience is just the group that wants the JRPG's. I mean after most of them came from PS2 which had the best JRPG line up ever.

superman2877d ago

Keep telling yourself that the ps3 version would have sold more.

Redempteur2877d ago

if it's Graces F , then it's PS3 .. and it's F on the previous logo i wonder what the heck pac man monster are doing on the picture now ...

Reibooi2876d ago


It would have sold more. As evidenced by the fact that nearly every Japanese RPG on the Xbox 360 had lackluster sales even when they were great games. Such as Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon, Tales of Vesperia, Star Ocean and so on and so forth.

The PS3 audience grew up on JRPG's and they want those games more then any other console group and hence those games would have performed better. This is evident by the Japanese sales. Despite the 360 having a weak presence in Japan Tales Of Vesperia has rather strong sales but when the PS3 version came out it shattered what the 360 did.

They whole reason Bandai won't/didn't release Vesperia PS3 in the US is because of the sales on the 360 version. They are not convinced it will be worth it to put it out on the PS3 despite it being a better audience for JPG's(Remember FFXIII PS3 outsold the 360 version a crap load despite having NO advertising while the 360 version had advertising everywhere)

The 360 crowd tends more towards shooters and western RPG's it's just a fact hence why MS stopped paying for exclusive JRPG's and hence why the few JRPG's that did come out on 360 didn't meet expectations in terms of sales.

ZeroX98762877d ago

it was that or fan translation and potentially lose money on pirated copies. I'm preordering this game first day!

Dravidian2877d ago

Sounds like a downloadable episode, but I'd love a localization.....[sigh] Should have paid better attention in Japanese class.

Stealth20k2877d ago

This is a US announcement so it isnt anything downloadable...........

femshep2877d ago

release date dosnt matter to me at least unless its coming out in my country so i can buy it =/ PLEASE BRING IT TO THE US we need a new tales game

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The story is too old to be commented.