Patrolling The Mojave Almost Makes You Wish For A Nuclear Winter

Game Podunk blogger, Nate writes, "Likewise, when I played Fallout: New Vegas, I was hoping there wouldn't be crazy amounts of dialog repetition. But alas, I guess I was expecting too much. Nevertheless, strange dialog repetition is a very minor issue when compared to some of the game's more egregious and flagrant issues, which I'll address soon enough. Still, New Vegas is quite an entertaining game, which pleases me and disappoints me at the same time. Shouldn't broken games be looked down upon? I guess New Vegas is a sort of special exception. It still has that addictive open-world gameplay we've come to expect, and it's surprisingly easy to look past the numerous flaws that it does have to have a grand ol' time searching through busted houses, taking all of the junk inside, and then selling it all for bottle caps..."

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