Hunting for Gaming Gold: Flipping Games

Game Podunk Blogger, IWX writes, "As a gamer I am always looking for a deal. Between my current job, cost of living and current tuition for school, I don't have the most money for a gaming budget. Sure I trade games here and there but there are other ways to get money for games by games themselves. And such is the practice of thrift store/yard sale flips. The best thing about these things is that many times, the actual value of the games is off, especially in regard to classic titles. People just don't know what certain games are supposed to cost and just have a standard price they'll slap on there based on the game. Titles that are better known are likely to have a higher premium, for the fact that they have heard of the game alone. (Yesterday I happened to come across a copy of Sonic 2 for the Sega Genesis marked at $47.99, I had to stop myself from laughing in the guy's face when he verified that was the correct price.)
There are certain precautions and methods to take when it comes to making savvy purchases..."

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