Play 'PSP2 announcement news headline bingo’ with us

With the PSP2 annoucement imminent, we predict the news headlines that will follow and concoct a silly game that you can join in. Let's play!

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jay22707d ago

LOVE that article, it made me laugh :).

Shikoro2706d ago

Yeah, it's pretty interesting and true. Pachter's gonna be all over it. :/

nick_gamestribe2707d ago

I'm glad :) We aim to please...

Cloud-2706d ago

You forgot "10 Reasons Why The PSP2 Is A Faliure". I'll give that one about two hours before it appears.

Dellis2706d ago

It will flop for sure, 3DS has all the hype and buzz and

they had it at E3 2010

Sony needs to focus on making a IPHONE/IPAD like device

do not compete with DS, make the new PSP 149.99 and

call it a day.

ugo2706d ago

yet again another paranoid bot fan, people like you should be locked up in your parents basement

SpartanPrince2706d ago

Top 5 reasons why the psp2 will fail
Top 5 reasons why the psp2 will succeed
Top 5 launch titles for the psp2
Top 5...
Top 5... get the idea.

sjaakiejj2706d ago

Think we had pretty much all of those in the headlines already though lol.

I'll go with the headline:
PSP2 will fail, because ...

And the article itself will say
Blahblahblah *price* blahblahblah *has no games* blahblahblah *no 3D*

iceman062706d ago

Don't forget side-by-side comparisons of specs, launch titles, previous launch titles, suspected launch titles, titles just pulled from the author's asses to justify whatever agenda they feel like at the moment...Hey, this is "journalism" I guess!?!?