Dead Space 2 Is A Sci-Fi Horror Rollercoaster (Single Player Impression Review) - GameBlurb

The first Dead Space always felt like an underrated game which eventually led its way to become a sleeper hit. It was essentially a great game and offered a bit of a change of pace in the formula. My only complaint was the horror elements were not that frightening. But in the first few seconds of Dead Space 2, my heart was pounding.

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MicrocutsX22881d ago

God I've been playing this game and loving it. It's such an improvement over the first one.

jaidek2881d ago

I am just glad to see the environments are more varied then the last game. Some good looking lighting and effects in that game...who knew the dark could look so sexy. Well, until a necromorph attacks.

PattHpapong2881d ago

Aww I missed the live stream for it on gameblurb =(

liquidxtension2881d ago

lol the first 30 seconds of the show last night were hilarious.

evildeli2881d ago

That may have been the funniest thing I've seen in a long time.

Bay2881d ago

I've been playing the game all day since yesterday. Definitely a must buy, whether you like horror or not. Heck, the gameplay itself is already darn satisfying.