GTR Episode #277 - Nintendo 3DS: Don't be upset about the price - Roundtable

This week on Gamertag Radio:
Nintendo 3DS Price: "Dont be upset about the price" - Roundtable
Fanboys The ugly side of gaming by @EsmeraldaSG
True of False by @Peterocc
@360fatman - What do you guys think about collectors editions for games and are the worth it?
@KalebKJC94 - What does Mandy think of LittleBigPlanet2 and what's it going to take for those of you who don't have one to get a PS3?
@Lasberry a.k.a Bluemanrule With NVidia's Tegra3 3D chip for mobile devices, is the Nintendo 3DS at risk of being obsolete?
DJing this week @Godfree

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femshep2880d ago

but 250$ is average console price and its not justified

hazelamy2880d ago

agree, don't get angry about the price, just don't buy the 3ds, money seems to be all nintendo care about lately, hit em where it will hurt the most.