First Zelda Dungeon Faithfully Recreated In LittleBigPlanet 2

Game Informer: It's no shock that the LittleBigPlanet 2 community is making some elaborate stages with their new set of tools, but it's still impressive to see what they churn out. I booted up the game last night and played a near-perfect recreation of Zelda's first dungeon.

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MrAwesome2881d ago

I already played it and it's the most impressive thing so far in LBP,and this was made in under a week from release.

smoothdude2881d ago

Shame you can't import the original soundtrack.

PirateThom2881d ago

Nope, but if the Mario Bros. tracks I heard/acquired earlier are anything to go by, the sequencers make it possible to perfectly recreate them.

smoothdude2881d ago


Do you have a link or a video we could see. That would totally make my day.

geodood2881d ago

Check this out, not a bad zelda music recreation
There's this Zelda one too
and this has nothing to do with zelda or nintendo, but it shows how much you can do with it

Gothdom2881d ago

I'm halfway done with the song and will publish it later, I'll ask bluetonberry if he wants it.

shameless plug: listen to my kraid's hideout song.

smoothdude2880d ago


Bubbles to you. That was so cool. I guess I need to save up for little big planet 2 now!!

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Soul Train2881d ago

This is just awesome. What a great game.

Dante1122881d ago

Nice. That was pretty spot on.

Kon2881d ago

I wonder how much time and effort takes to do things like this

badboy8082881d ago

Im in the process of recreting super meatboy

kratos1232881d ago

please do it i will love you forever if you do

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