G4TV Feedback: Is Dead Space 2 Worth The $60?

"On this episode of Feedback, the crew talks about the Nintendo 3DS, release dates for Duke Nukem Forever, L.A. Noire, and Mortal Kombat, some happy Portal 2 news, some sad news about Propaganda and Bizarre, some more happy news about the World of Starcraft, and the same general video game shenanigans you've come to expect."

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ArchangelMike2876d ago

Of*fkin*course Dead Space 2 is worth $60... well if you're getting the PS3 version at least, given that it comes bundled with Extraction for free!!!

outwar60102876d ago

:( in the uk its bundled with ignition(AWFUL GAME)

Kingscorpion19812876d ago

But you get the Hacker suit when you beat ignition :)

DigitalRaptor2876d ago

No it's not. Most places are selling the Limited Edition that comes with Extraction.

Ignition is just sold by some select few retailers such as Gameplay, who only supply the game and a code to download Ignition:

blakstarz2876d ago

Hellz yes.....especially the PS3 version because you get the update HD Wii version of Extraction for FREE!!
But even w/o it, its one of the better space horrors to come out in awhile.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2876d ago

Hmm...didn't expect to see a title like this for Dead Space 2.

M-Easy2876d ago

Only G4 would say something this stupid. If it was a 360 exclusive they would say its worth $100

Rageaholic2876d ago

Does the regular dead space edition include Extraction?

vickers5002876d ago

Right now, the regular edition IS the limited edition (on ps3 that is). There are two versions for ps3, the limited edition and the collectors edition, both come with Extraction.

Now if you're wanting Extraction for free, then I'd advise you to pick up Dead Space 2 (on ps3) pretty quickly before they run out, because it's likely that only the first batch of ps3 copies of DS2 that were sent out are going to include Extraction.

nevin12876d ago

Today's games aren't worh $60.

outwar60102876d ago

This is where kottick replies "They're worth hundreds"

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The story is too old to be commented.