Playstation Currently Beating Xbox 360 in Red Dead Redemption Avatar Rewards Contest reports: "At the time of writing this, Playstation 3 gamers have pushed their console past the halfway point with a 52.56% over Microsofts 47.61%. The race is a very close one, but time is starting to run out for you Xbox 360 gamers, you need to get out there and play to win! Wanna know what you win for helping your console get to the top, check it out..."

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LordMarius2461d ago

Playstation gamers win again

TheLeprachaun2461d ago (Edited 2461d ago )

Oh who cares honestly. I hate the wars between sony and microsoft fanboys in general, but an avatar contest is such a silly thing to be competitive about. A new low for N4G

zero_gamer2461d ago (Edited 2461d ago )

Who cares? Well 5 people agree to him and plenty more where they come from.

norman292461d ago

100.17%? so how does that work out? or am i getting it wrong and each is separate out of 100% not collectively?

lugia 40002461d ago (Edited 2461d ago )

PS3 is better because it has more exclusives... thats understandable.. but this


You want the clothes so you can play dressing on PSHome right? GOD I WISH I COULD DO THAT :/

gcolley2461d ago

don't question fanboy logic. you end up more confused than before you asked. just think school playground logic and you are getting close.

IdleLeeSiuLung2461d ago

So what happened to all the PS3 gamers playing the exclusives. Looks like PS3 gamers area actually too busy beating Xbox 360 owners playing multi-platform games.

George Sears2461d ago

I've been playing constantly every day a few hours at night with some friends in Gang shootouts trying to get a few golden weapons that I want to finish so I guess all my HS pwning has helped.

theafroman2461d ago

i knew this was gonna pop up in n4g lol

nygamer282461d ago

YEAA CAUSE I WANT MY AVATAR TO LOOK COOL!!!!!.....seriously who gives a shit?