GamesEyeView: EA Sports Active 2 Review

GEV says: It’s late January, which means that by now, some people may have already broken their New Year’s resolutions. And what’s generally the most popular resolution to break? The “I’m going to work out more/get in better shape/go on a diet” resolution of course. This writer’s fairly familiar with that lost cause himself. So that’s why this year he decided to try something different: EA Sports Active 2.

Now sure, we know what most of our readers are probably thinking. They’re thinking that “playing games” hardly constitutes “exercising.” But it turns out that if players are willing to give it a serious effort and follow along with the game’s programs (and ignore a few glitches along the way), they will break a sweat and see results. Let us explain:

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btk2706d ago

"While overall we found that EA Sports Active is a great tool for shedding those unwanted pounds, we do have a few issues with the game. For one, at times the game will have difficulty registering movements and accurately counting reps. This is not a big problem on the Wii or PS3, but it does exist there. However, due to the Kinect sensors limitations, this issue is more significant on the XBOX 360 version of the game."

Kinect can not do table tennis properly, or golf, or tennis. Now even the fitness games is lagging behind Wii and PS3. Hype meeting reality.

Nightshade3862706d ago

The biggest issue is when your arms cross behind your back. At this point, the camera cannot pick them up. This is not something that occurs on every exercise, and as such is a minor issue on the same level as trying to use the Wii Mote and Move Controller at the same time as the resistance band or weights....which was explained in the next two sentence in that paragraph that you quoted. This is why we didn't specify a different score for different versions of the game.

Fanboyism aside, The game has issues on all three consoles, but it is still a worthwhile investment for those looking for an alternative to a gym membership or an expensive piece of workout equipment.