Gamer Sector - Crysis 2 MP Demo Impression (Xbox 360)

I’m not exactly sure where to begin with this multiplayer demo. It is a multiplayer demo, so for starters you’d think they’d have more than just one map to play. This was the first red flag for me. It makes one wonder if they only give you one map in the demo, how many is the finished game really going to have? I know it’s a demo but there is absolutely no variety.

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MelonieMac2878d ago

I'm downloading it now. Can't wait to play! :D

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candystop2878d ago

Loving it and hope the same for you. It gout a few beta issues here and there but shaping up nicely. From what I've been playing it's the best looking consoles shooter ever. KZ3 also looks good but slightly gets edged out here.

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thedarkestfaction2878d ago

How, it looks way better than crysis 2 on 360?

finbars752878d ago

I think you only have a xbox and thats it.I have all three consoles and the K3 Pre Alpha looked stunning compared to Crysis2.Crysis2 is fun but its not that good.Best graphics on any console lol.You need to get out more or be openminded to other games that look so much better then Crysis2.It reminds me of a slightly better version of COD.The only thing saving this game is the crytech engine but putting it on a console really shows that its meant to be on a PC not on a console.

gamer20102878d ago


Some textures look low resolution, but overall the textures are great. Besides, Killzone 2/3 also have low resolution textures. The lighting model also looks more realistic than Killzone's. The water looks way better too. Oh and there is actually foliage. In fact, there is more foliage in the Skyline map than in the entire Jungle map in Killzone 3 judging by the recent video.

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thedarkestfaction2878d ago

Good to hear. Hopefully they can do a admirable job on the PS3.

The real killer2878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )

So, they want the COD crowd?
Very smart tactic from Crytec.

S_C2878d ago

They have already taken the crown with this demo imo

30sec2878d ago

It's ok. I like the jump/stomp mechanic and cloaking. Besides the occasional pop-in, the game is shows promise from the beta.

Shackdaddy8362878d ago

Actually, apparently this is the beta. The beta from a couple months ago was an alpha.


orange-skittle2878d ago

It's not a beta. Its a demo. The game comes out in 2 months. I seriosuly doubt you'll see many changes. The only thing they can do is patch the little things but the graphics and gameplay will still remain the same. The idiotic melee and horrendous grenade tossing will remain. It's so bad, no one attempts to throw them because there's no arc or you get discombobulated.

Bnet3432878d ago

lol I like how a gaming website has their own N4G account he he. I haven't downloaded this demo yet. I've heard mixed reviews. I was never a fan of the first one, thought it was overrated IMO plus I was only able to run it on medium settings lol. It raped my PC :/

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