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Submitted by pesevengi 1839d ago | news

EA tells gamers to ask Sony for a refund over Mass Effect 2 data corruption

A Maxconsole reader forwarded a transcript that he had with EA over the save data glitch in the PS3 version of Mass Effect 2. The whole conversation is pretty funny, but one one of the most interesting things is that the EA rep told the gamer to get a refund from Sony. (Industry, Mass Effect 2, PS3)

Warprincess116  +   1839d ago
That guy was a jerk. He was releasing all his frustration out on poor robert.
pesevengi  +   1839d ago
LOL. First time ever heard someone with sympathy for the 'other side' :).
aCasualGamer  +   1839d ago

@Warprincess116, Robert should have been more understanding and carried a higher IQ. The guy told him several times that Sony was not at fault for a badly programmed EA title.

It doesn't matter where the game was purchased, it is irrelevant when the main issue is bad programming. Robert should have recognized this and been more helpful.

I agree with the guy overall, a customer should not be tossed between different corporations responsibility. If EA keeps up with this type of support services the company will lose customers.
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NYC_Gamer  +   1839d ago
how is he a jerk?he paid 60 dollars for a game thats broken and wants help/answers.
xino  +   1839d ago
did that guy even did what the rep told him?

deleting the game data could be the problem!
Game data is not linked to Saved games!

Game data just consist of games data files downloaded to the hdd for faster load times.

-Ninja Gaiden 3-is sick!:)
chazjamie  +   1839d ago
Why do u end every comment with ninja gaiden 3...its almost as annoying as
-end statement- ( i am cool, i do not edit)
DarkFantasy  +   1839d ago
Indeed.I hate when people do that or email you and write there name at the end -___-
Zimmerman  +   1839d ago
Some of the files probably got corrupted while he was downloading them. I don't think that's a rare issue, really.

He should have just followed the advice he asked for. Re-downloading the game would likely yield uncorrupted files. PROBLEM SOLVED.

Guy just wanted to argue...
cochise313  +   1839d ago
This is why Physical media is better.
blackburn5  +   1839d ago
Sigh. Is this a wide spread problem or is it just a few people making a big deal about something like the few people who claim that the updates freeze up their systems? Gamers whine so much it's hard to tell if something thing is a big problem or not
NYC_Gamer  +   1839d ago
so people who are dealing with these problems shouldnt be upset?they paid 60-70 dollars for a product they expected to work 100%.
ChristianGamer  +   1839d ago
No, bioware say they are going to fix a problem that only 3 people are having /s
I hate it when people claim there isn't a problem just cause they aren't experiencing it. Even if it was just 1 guy, he paid full price for his game and he has every right to complain.
This is what Bioware meant when they said definitive version huh? Yeah I think i'll stick with my non-definitive version then thank you
Nate-Dog  +   1839d ago
LOL, EA just ship it onto Sony. From what I know and my experiences with problems like these, the retailer is usually the one that is to be held responsible since even if there is a fault with it, even if that fault was the cause of the developer/producer since the retailer sold on the faulty product. True enough, this case it's Sony but I don't know myself what the law over buying digitally like this is.

Edit @ George Sears: Yeah that's true but usually retailers try and fog you off and say "it's nothing to do with us, you have to go to the manufacturer about it" when they see you don't know your rights / consumer law.
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George Sears  +   1839d ago
It's like buying a game via Gamestop. I'm not going to call Sony or Media Molecule if my BD of LittleBIGPlanet 2 is faulty. I'm going to resolve stuff with my local game shop.

In this case, Sony needs to attend to these issues. This kid is screwed though.
BeaArthur  +   1839d ago
That's kind of funny considering how it's basically impossible to cancel an order from the EA store. Practice what you preach.
Charmers  +   1839d ago
For those interested, Bioware has commented on the corrupt save game issue. Chris Priestly had this to say about the problem :-

Chris Priestly wrote...

Hello everyone.

We are aware that a small group of Playstation 3 users are getting corrupted saves while playing Mass Effect 2. We are aware of the issue and we are working on a patch to fix it. This issue is caused by too many level transitions within a single gaming session. Players who play for an extended period may encounter this issue.

In the mean time, there is a very simple work around to prevent this issue. Simply restart your game every few hours. By shutting down and restarting your game, you will not encounter the corrupted save issue.

So take a break from Mass Effect2 by shutting down your game, say hello to your loved ones or take the dog for a walk and then restart and keep playing.

So they are working on a fix but in the meantime it may be necessary to stagger your game time with Mass Effect 2.
KaiokenKid  +   1839d ago
I always find it funny when game devs and games themselves tell you to stop palying them so much. Same thing with Super Mario Galaxy 2 telling you to take a break when you played for a long time. I also hope bioware fixes the sound synching issues that happen during cinematics.
tigertron  +   1839d ago
I was just about to post it, but you beat me to it. :P

Its good that Bioware have finally come forward and have acknowledged the issue, now I just hope they give us an estimate of when said patch will be released.
Halochampian  +   1839d ago
yup. I know its hard for some.. but dont play the game for 7 hours straight!
Shazz  +   1839d ago
ive only put 7 hrs into the game but im scared to play it now coz ive had 1 freeze with it and thankfully it didnt corrupt the save .
oicheshamhna  +   1839d ago

This says that there is a patch available. However, the forums on the bioware site say that there is no patch available. What's the deal?
tigertron  +   1839d ago
The article was BS, the post from Priestly was made after the article.
Zinc  +   1839d ago
My guess is that deleting the game data and having it reinstalled would have fixed the problem. It was probably a corrupt installation process. This happens with PC games from time-to-time and either deleting cached data or reinstalling (while keeping the saves) usually solves these kinds of issues. I would assume it works much the same way on the PS3.

I find it interesting that the guy who has the problem says he understands a retailer not refunding open software. I would point to the fact that there is no physical item that was purchased that has physical packaging and plastic, but what would be the point. In reality, the refund process for such digital distribution should be much less expensive for them, overall.

I will also say that this guy did not have much patients for the situation. Maybe I’m just use to dealing with situations like this, but that’s how installation and downloading files sometimes works. Downloads get corrupted. Installations get corrupted. This actually has nothing to do with EA/Bioware’s code or product.

EDIT: Saw Charmers post. Guess it is something on Bioware's end. Oh well. Regardless, the stuff about things getting corrupted is still valid.
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daghost1125  +   1839d ago
the best version is on ps3 lol yea corrupt data problem also included. think i'll stay with the 360 version.
ironmonkey  +   1839d ago
stay where u want doesnt bother me one bit
firelogic  +   1839d ago
LOLZ I KNO EH!?! LOLZ!! Idiot.
Commander_TK  +   1839d ago
Eh... No, the best version was the never the PS3 one. It's the PC version.
ufo8mycat  +   1839d ago
Graphically yes. Gameplay wise erm no

Gameplay > Graphics
ironmonkey  +   1839d ago
poor baby
TronEOL  +   1839d ago
So does anyone know if this happens with every PSN version of Mass Effect 2? Or if these problems are scattered between the disc copy and digital copy? Also, does anyone have any word on whether or not it will be patched?

Because I bought the Digital copy and I honestly don't want to start my game and get 20+ hours in the game only to lose my data.
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Charmers  +   1839d ago
Community Manager Chris Priestly has commented on the issue. He has stated they are aware of the issue, they know why it is happening and they will be releasing a patch to fix it.

In the mean time you can still play Mass Effect 2 on your PS3 as long as you simply restart your game every few hours. By shutting down and restarting your game, you will not encounter the corrupted save issue.

That information has been posted by Bioware.
Charmers  +   1839d ago
oops posted in the wrong place
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XabiTheHumble  +   1839d ago
brarei200  +   1839d ago
EA can't program AND now they can't spell?
TBONEJF  +   1839d ago
Just glad I never play Dead Space EA SUCKS period. their the ones should refund the consumer NOT SONY.
hazelamy  +   1838d ago
this is one of the things i'm getting to hate in this industry, publishers are quick to claim ownership of game when you want to sell them on, by locking great swathes of content or the online mode to single use codes, yet when anything goes wrong, they abdicate all responsibility.

either they still hold a claim to the software in which case they start showing some fucking responsibility for it or they fuck the hell off from my game and let me sell it, trade it or give it to a charity shop if that's what i feel like doing with it.

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