Dead Space 2 Schematics Location Guide

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Omar912702d ago

can anyone please tell me how to use the unlockable suit from dead space ignition on dead space 2?

Raptura2702d ago

things like that should normally be available for purchase at the store, usually free also.

Omar912702d ago

i see but i should o recieved the suit when i went to my first store in dead space 2 yet i did not see it there. it showed a hacker suit however. but i do not think its the unlockable suit i should have got. the hacker suit is like 20,000 bucks. and im sure the unlockable suit should be free. thanks for the help though

Eiffel2702d ago

What do you know, found all of these as I progressed through the game. Wasn't even really trying to find them, lol.

WhiteNoise2702d ago

I freaked out when I saw this list thinking I had missed a suit schematic. But it's an extraction bonus item, which is not on PC.

Dead Space 2 PC screens in the thread on the forums now

femshep2702d ago

i got the schimatic for the advance suit but its 40,000 credits =[ im gonna have to grind the game to even be able to think about getting it not to mention health supplies