Recent layoffs highlight unrealistic expectations in gaming business discusses recent layoffs at Disney Interactive and Activision as part of a larger problem in the video game industry.

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DFresh2827d ago

If you make quality games your gonna sell well.

If you make crappy or rushed out games your gonna sell less.

It's that simple.

You can't just expect every gamer to buy the same type of game over and over again at $60.

Not realistic at all.

Let's not forget a lot companies where these so called Lay Offs happened is from developers to make sub par games.

(That was mostly due to greed not loss of profit.)

(Are you serious? Since when did they make anything good.)

(Mercenaries was ok? Saboteur looks and plays decent.)

--Namco Bandai
(That company just aren't investing in the right games. Let's not forget Namco Bandai barely advertised their games at all.)


Do you see a pattern? I know I do.

Games are getting more expensive and gamers like myself are really picky about what we buy.

$60 is a lot of money to spend.

Hell I find myself buying games with both single player/multiplayer/co op then just buying single player games.
(I need value and replayability.)

Single player games I wait for price drops of around $20-$30.
(Unless it's something totally original or an RPG it's harder now to spend $60 all at once.)