Killzone 3 – Single Player Demo Coming in February (US)

PS Blog: Killzone 3. The Jetpacks. The Brutal Melee. The PlayStation Move. The 3D!

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Darkfiber2704d ago

Good. I don't really give a damn about the butchered CoD style multiplayer.

Dr-Zoidberg2703d ago

Seems good to me, wouldn't say GG entirely sold their souls.

eterry2704d ago

yes i love being a PlayStation plus member! I'm really excited for this game. Not only because its gonna be amazing but because it will finally get some attention off black ops.

Dr-Zoidberg2703d ago

No co-op online what the hell? I love KZ franchise but I was looking forward to hooking up with friends online. Not entirely easy for split screen when my friend who wants to play lives in Ireland. I love and hate you at the same time GG.