Nintendo: App Store Success Isn't At Our Expense

While more and more analysts and publishers seem to be noting the changing mobile gaming landscape, from traditional handhelds to smartphones like iPhone, Nintendo remains supremely confident in its DS and 3DS lines. Apple's App Store has seen an incredible 10 billion apps downloaded, and games are hugely popular on the digital marketplace, but Charlie Scibetta, Sr. Director, Corp. Comm. for Nintendo of America, insists that this success is not hurting Nintendo.

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donniebaseball2883d ago

Perhaps it won't hurt them initially, but over time it has to start taking away market share from them, in my opinion.

gumgum992883d ago

If it didn't do much now, the AppStore never will. Its successful, sure, but a mere blip on the radar of many options.

The fact that 3DS pre-orders are off the charts and even hot in places like Amazon speak to how much momentum Nintendo has, and will continue to have in the months to come. No $5 app is gonna change that.

TruthbeTold2883d ago

The success of the Wii didn't take away from Sony or Microsoft's success. If anything it helped add to it by expanding the market of people who play video games. I think that this situation is similar, and at least for the next few years we'll simply see an expansion of the gamer market. Though we are getting to a point where we may start seeing the term 'Premium gaming', and the stigma of Nintendo/Sony/Microsoft product being inherently expensive due to other very cheap, simple and accessible product on the market may hurt.