Microsoft Labels Autistic Boy A Cheater On Xbox Live

There's a bit of a she-said, they-said situation going on near Seattle, with the mom of an 11-year-old boy saying Microsoft reset his gamerscore unfairly and the company saying it was done because he was cheating. Regardless of the truth, the boy has been branded a cheater on Xbox Live and has to earn whatever achievements he had before all over again.

Jennifer Zdenek told Q13 FOX News that her son Julius Jackson went online recently only to discover that his gamerscore had been reset and his account branded as belonging to a cheater.

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Nineball21122396d ago

Oh nice, Microsoft!! Way to pick on the less fortunate!

Ok, I just had to say that. I don't really know the details. :D

mcmmaster2396d ago (Edited 2396d ago )

You don't even need to see the details, clearly its the mum that is at fault as why on earth would she let an 11 year old boy play Dead Rising 2 (AN 18 YEAR OLD GAME, well in the UK), to make it worse he's autistic. Think its the mum that needs sorting out and not Microsoft

DaCajun2395d ago

Yea that is pretty messed up that you would let you kid play mature rated games and especially one as impressionable as a child with autism.

But on topic I like how microsoft just goes around banning whomever they want or resetting achievements without proof and SONY well never does anything to cheaters whether it be sharing saves to get trophies you didn't earn or just cheating on an online game to just plain internet stalking. One goes to the extreme the other does nothing. I had some loser on PSN with a racist name basically the name says he killed Ni***rs(Blacks), he would send me messages calling me the "N" word and would make new accounts when I blocked other ones. He went through 10 before he stopped. A Sony rep told me on the phone to just keep blocking him and that he didn't find the name offensive at all either even though dozens of people reported this racist stalking cheating POS. They also tried to push off responsibility to the publisher of the games. What a joke. Then you got M$ who will ban you or remove a gamertag if it even slightly offends someone and take away your achievements if you get enough of your friends to report one person as cheating for no reason but you don't like them.

One goes overboard and the other doesn't do crap but as for the boy I seriously doubt the kid was cheating he's probably just extremely good at games due to his autism.

edgeofblade2395d ago

It's quite telling that the mother was refereed to the legal department. That means she came in ranting and raving and claiming "AYM GONNA SEEW YEW" ("I'm going to sue you"). That's the standard response anytime someone threatens legal action.

Dante1122395d ago (Edited 2395d ago )

@ DaCajin

Idk, DaCajin. You can get banned pretty quickly for cursing someone out in a back and forth argument (replying back with mgs) on the PSN, surprisedly even in chat (notice the censoring in the text chat) as well as for ANY little thing you say (Damn fool-banned) or do in Home.

N4WAH2395d ago (Edited 2395d ago )

@ DaCajun

"especially one as impressionable as a child with autism."

How exactly can a person that does not know right from wrong, danger from safety, life from death, be impressionable by video games or m rated anything?

"I seriously doubt the kid was cheating he's probably just extremely good at games due to his autism."

^This you couldn't be more right about. My nephew
(autistic) is a savant at counting, memory and he has uncanny balance. He loves video games but unlike the kid in this article, he isn't very good at them. So this is probably the one area this kid excels.

Either way MS should find a way to make this right.

rezzah2395d ago

parents usually dont care as long as they see their children smile, which isnt really bad because they want to make their children happy. It makes them happy.

However they should pay attention to the things that make them happy from time to time.

DaCajun2395d ago


I took pics of all the PSN text messages he sent me and sent them to Sony and they did absolutely nothing. I even called them a dozen time to get no help what so ever. Maybe others have had better luck but I had none, so now I don't even bother.

Blaine2395d ago (Edited 2395d ago )


You never played any games the "rating" said you were too young for? You'd probably be the only person on earth.

(I put rating in quotation because, really, I don't know anything about the people who hand out these ratings. I don't know of any studies to back these ratings either, and I don't know of any respectable study that says ANY game genre affects children in any negative way. But here's a case study of one for you: me. Played every violent game I ever wanted to before I was old enough to meet the "rating", and it hasn't affected me in the least.)

ComboBreaker2395d ago (Edited 2395d ago )

Now you gonna tell her how to raise her kid?

When you were a kid, you played Mortal Kombat II, and you turned out fine.

Christopher2395d ago

Two wrongs don't make a right.

Sure, I'd be right there to tell her what games are and are not appropriate for a child, though one should note that many autistic children have a stronger bearing over what is reality and what isn't when it comes to these sort of thing (I have two autistic nephews like this). But, regardless of the possibility of this being a matter showing bad parenting, Microsoft needs to have a way to explain why someone is a cheater as well as proof to prove that someone has cheated.

If I suddenly had my account labeled as such, you better believe I would be all over Sony or Microsoft with the reason why and method that they used to determine this. In fact, it's something they should have in place, ability to prove why someone is a cheater, prior to implementing the ability to label an account as such.

ExplosionSauce2395d ago

Microsoft banned some guy whose last name was "Gaywood". MS deemed it inappropriate and was banned from XBL, despite the guy proving them that it was his real name.

Microsoft can be pretty square to the point of lacking common sense at times.

gcolley2395d ago (Edited 2395d ago )

your post lacks common sense

jadenkorri2395d ago

yeah, bosse is Astrixed out on psn, i couldn't believe it, this was in a text chat room, confused the hell out of me as i was saying you have to defeat bosses to get your soul back in demon souls, i noticed and we loled over it.

AngryTypingGuy2395d ago

I can understand labeling someone with Parkinson's a cheater since they can press the buttons ultra fast, but a poor Autistic boy? This is uncalled for!

EeJLP-2395d ago

Who gives a hmmm if he's autistic or not. The question is, did he cheat or not? If he did, then it's deserved. It has nothing to do with being autistic or not. They're looking for sympathy support or something.

HolyOrangeCows2395d ago

Microsoft accidentally labeled a kid as a cheater who happened to be autistic.

Quick, attack their character! CHAAAAARGE!

Kurt Russell2395d ago

You know there isn't enough war and famine in the world when the news are reporting tripe like this. Dumb fuck mum is unhappy because her spoilt brat had a fucking computer game score wiped. When I was a kid my high scores got wiped every time I went to bed... and nobody gave a fuck.

kunit22c2394d ago

yes, its true that the mom shouldn't let a little autistic kid play mature games, but Microsoft just labeling anybody that they "think" is cheating a cheater is so stupid, what a bunch of dumb asses if I had an Xbox I wouldn't even try to get my gamerscore high just because those guys might think i'm a cheater just because its high...

kancerkid2393d ago

ANd of course none of the trolls here who had none of the facts of the case are not commenting on the article that proves the kids was cheating...

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Nineball21122395d ago

I'm sure they just saw how high the kid's achievements were and assumed he was cheating. Although, I'd think they'd have to verify it in some manner before labeling someone as a cheater. *shrug*

Anyone know what the procedure is for this?

Sony3602394d ago (Edited 2394d ago )

I really don't get the 8 disagrees you got for your comment.

Is N4G full of retards or something?

I was thinking the same thing, but surely they'd know for sure. Being "really good at a video game" shouldn't count as cheating, even Micro$oft know that.

MGRogue20172395d ago (Edited 2395d ago )

omg.. look at the pic, he puts the 360 on the carpet while playing.. fail

Expect a RROD/E74 error any day now.

sobekflakmonkey2395d ago

The kid has autism you fuckn idiot..

gamingdroid2395d ago

Now we know how all those RROD came! People just don't care there are vent holes on the bottom.

Silentmerc3nary2395d ago

"The kid has autism you fuckn idiot.."

True. But his mum, however, does not.

antz11042394d ago

Speaking of, so the mother probably brought up the fact that her child has autism, how would xbox know that? She probably tried to use that as leverage to get the kids score back. Mom of the f#cking year right there.

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Dave13512395d ago

Well we dont know all the details. Did the kid actually cheat for one? If he did then yea he deserves the word cheater. But if he didnt microsoft needs shot in the head.

Led-Zeppelin2395d ago

Microsoft is just jealous a autistic boy can kick their ass when it comes to getting achievements.

gamingdroid2395d ago

I find it hard to believe a autistic kid cheated (albeit I don't know the severity of his condition), but I find it also hard that MS would detect non-cheaters and label them a such.

That would open them up to lawsuit so it seems reasonable that MS is 100% damn sure some cheating went on regardless of who did it.

tdogg060519912395d ago (Edited 2395d ago )

He shouldn't be playing those games regardless of his autism. He should be playing t for teen at best regardless of what or how he understands reality. Take that kid away from that parent.

Focker4202395d ago

Buy him a PS3, Way more autism friendly.