The Art Of Skyrim

GI: You may have had a glimpse of the workspace during the Bethesda studio tour, but we now bring you an in-depth look at the art department behind Elder Scrolls V. Matt Carofano, the Art Director on Skyrim, explains how the look and feel of Bethesda's new game varies from past entries in the series. Check out the video below to learn the process of how this talented team brings the land of Skyrim to life.

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VenomProject2880d ago

"Epic reality?"...Oh, snap.

I want this so badly.

offwhiteazn2878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )

eff you january. why can't you be 2 months from november the other way

Simon_Brezhnev2880d ago

hmmm Do i have to play The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion to get a better understanding of the story for Skyrim?

Lamarthedancer2880d ago (Edited 2880d ago )

I doubt it but it would help.

It's set 200 years after Oblivion I think they'll only make refrences to the gates of oblivion and the fact the emperor is dead.

There could also be side missions that relate to past elder scrolls games, like smaller refrences but it depends what direction they go with this game

2880d ago
tom012782880d ago

Not really, but you should play it because it's a great game.
Flawed, but great.

Are_The_MaDNess2880d ago

but playing The Elder Scrolls IV will give you more insight of the world of Tamriel and its lore

Simon_Brezhnev2880d ago

iight thanks I plan on getting this.

SwampCroc2880d ago (Edited 2880d ago )

yeah there will probably be books and stuff that mention the Oblivion Gates getting shutdown. Lore like that, tons of history... Hours and hours you can get lost in the books alone.

But overall just immaculate characters, story, worlds and adventures.

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Are_The_MaDNess2880d ago

you and the rest of the world bud

Kon2880d ago

Same thing goes to LA Noire

MrChow6662880d ago

I really enjoy this kind of videos, it is very interesting to see how is done from the inside, people often dont even realise the amazing artists working on these games

SwampCroc2880d ago

Every new video makes me more excited.