MGS4 release still this year?

Officialy MGS4 was planned for a 2007 release, but at the E3 Konami delayed the game to 'early 2008'. Now, at the official TGS website from Konami, MGS4 is again stated for a Winter 2007 release.

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conjurdevil3899d ago (Edited 3899d ago )

its just a typo nothing else am sure unless they have planned a surprise for us which highly doubtfull !!

Hatchetforce3899d ago

Something this big isn't a typo. Also be aware that in the Northern Hemisphere Winter of 2007 runs from 22 December 2007 thru 20 March 2008.

Jeremy Gerard3899d ago

i sure hope this is a mistake, because if it is true that means Sony got desperate and demanded that they finish it this year to boost sales around xmas. That sort of pressure could result in a crappy rushed, and unfinished game, bad for everyone.

Hatchetforce3899d ago

Look at the original trailer - 2007.

leon763899d ago

to 1.2.Jeremy Gerard - don't worry man!!!! Kojima is not a pressure sensitive guy!!!! when the game comes out it's because it's finish!!!!

bluebrad19743899d ago

Blu-ray for sale!! You dumb Americans buy it already!!
It's playstation, buy it!!

Please sony, get over yourself. Yeah, breaking news, your plan for world domination backfired. You didn't put gaming first, you janked everyone and put your new tv,movie,and money skam ahead of what gamers care about most, quality gaming.

Thanks for your astounding PR department sony!! Otherwise average people couldn't figure out for themselves that the Cell processor was built for video decoding(even though the ps3 is $100-200 too expensive), with blu-ray. BTW, how is Toshiba's new line of hdtv's fairing with the spectacular Cell processor? Game devs know your bs.

Pleeez buy a ps3, pleeez, pleeez,pleeez...

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AznSniper3899d ago (Edited 3899d ago )

I see this being probable. After all, latest news said they would have Metal Gear Online be bundled with MGS4, and Metal Gear Online is slated to be released in December for Japan according to the beta. I guess we will find out at TGS. Plus the latest podcast with Kojima Productions and Ryan Payton said there would be a surprise with 8 of the MGS4 demo kiosks at the Sony booth when you complete the demo. I say it's a possible release date posted at the end of the demo being this year.

Mr Murda3899d ago

Nah, I'm guessing a Japan only release in 07 if it happens at all.

Cartesian3D3899d ago

PLZ BE TRUE . I cant wait.. really I cant.. PLZ

hazeblaze3899d ago

I would sacrafice 10... no, 20 virgins to see this happen!!!

gololo3899d ago

LOL where do you come up with this stuff

UnblessedSoul3899d ago

Interesting it's good if it's true but I'm not so sure :P

PimpHandHappy3899d ago

the dude did say he wanted the PS3 to have a bigger install base b4 its release...

maybe he thinks it will happen with the cheaper PS3?

I could care less because when this game comes out im going to be a very happy gamer.....If its Dec of Feb i dont care...both are good with me....